Medusa's Milk

Milk. Hardly a man's drink-or so you think. It is well known the alchemical properties and health benefits of milk; it builds strong bones, healthy hair, and teeth. And isnt that what virilty is about? How can a man be a real man if he's frail and weak?

Beyond common goat or cow's milk, The milk of slaves is also consumed. Now that's definitely a man's drink! Whether milked fresh at your table or at the bar Slave Milk is popular. But you ask yourself…what if it's not served in my territory under local or church laws or my less than libertine wife wont have me sipping the sweet nectar of another woman?

Medusa's Milk is taken straight from the source, alchemically enriched, and exported everywhere through commercial Teleportation and under Extended Gentle Repose. Non Mammal Mammaries? The notion may seem absurd or disturbing, but in truth Medusa's Milk is the finest thing. This blue-green milk is fragrant and sweet, perfect in the morning porridge, cup of coffee or tea, enjoyed after work or before bed for ease of sleep. And if anyone objects to your choice of drink? Perhaps all the dangerous Medusae kept under lock and key will make them think.

(Caution: A small percentage (approx 15%) of comsumers may experience sluggishness and stiffness similar to the effects of a Slow spell anywhere from 4-8 hours after consumption. Episodes may last from a few seconds up to a full minute and several may be experienced. It is not innately hazardous but caution is advised. More rarely consumers may prove slightly allergic experiencing a gray rash likened in appearance to Stone Skin-be advised this is temporary and should last no more than 1-2 hours, and does not confer any magical benefits.)