Meninges The Mind Bender

Meninges The Mind Bender


Meninges is a bloated, bloodshot, floating, flesh bag in the form of a misshapen head. Loose flesh hangs from its face in sheets from a black skull covered in bony gnots and stray stalk eyes and haphazardly half-formed eyes. Its massive maw is filled with long yellowed teeth that jut out at odd angles. From the sides of its head come a pair of atrophied arms with flabby claws, and below it dangle pitch black viscera slick with corruption dragged along the ground, dripping and drooling nauseating bile. At first one might think Meninges an undead beholder, but it is in fact a Sibriex. A beholder is only very insane and very evil. A Sibriex's very form itself is MADE of madness and evil, for they are of the blood of Obyrith. A beholder only charms others into serving it. A Sibriex inspires in others the perverse and illicit desire to defile onself into BECOMING like it. Though it prefers to communicate via telepahty, it is capable of speaking common and Abyssal in an unnerving, almost child-like falsetto.

Many generations ago in the heart of the Underdark, the thralls of a beholder cult called forth an outsider with the hopes of binding it to aid their many eyed masters in solving an ancient riddle. What arrived was no ordinary outsider, but a very special Sibriex. Meninges not only had the power to charm as its breed did, but had awakened in itself a measure of psionic talent that gave it the power to influence to a greater degree, and if need be to dominate completely. The demon genius proved too smart and too powerful to be controlled, and only pretended to be so, but the thralls of the beholder cult didnt realize it until it was too late. Rather than slay them, it broke their masters hold and seduced them with promises of freedom, and its gifts of demonic grafts which would flow freely as water, making them as perfect as it-if only they obeyed. Meninges enacted a cunning plan, and overthrew the Unholy See. What it did not count on however, was the beholders retaliation. While it was able to keep hold of its stand in the underdark, the beholders have managed to keep it from spreading much further.

Meninges The Mind Bender (Advanced Sibriex 15/Psion [Telepath] 6)

Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar, Obyrith)
Hit Dice: 15d8+6d4+210 (354 hp)(max)
Initiative: -4
AC: 25 (-1 size, -4 Dex, +20 natural), touch 5, flat-footed 25
Base Attack/Grapple: +18/+28
Attack: 4 chains +23 melee and bite +18 melee
Damage: 4 chains 2d6+6, bite 1d8+3
Space: 10 ft./5 ft. (15 ft. with chains)
Special Qualities: Fast healing 10; DR 15/cold iron and lawful,
Immune acid, mind-affecting spells and effects, nausea, poison,
Resist cold 10, electricity 10, fire 10; SR 26,
immobility, true seeing, darkvision 60 ft., form of madness, telepathy 100 ft., flight, obryrith traits
Special Attacks: animate chains, instant graft, squirt bile, spell-like abilities
Saves: Fort +21, Ref +7, Will +21
Abilities: Str 22, Dex 3, Con 30, Int 25, Wis 24, Cha 25
Skills: Bluff +25, Concentration +28, Decipher Script +25, Diplomacy +29, Gather Information +25, Heal +25, Intimidate +27, Knowledge (arcana) +25, Knowledge (the planes) +25, Listen +25, Search +25, Sense Motive +25, Spellcraft +27, Spot +25, Use Magic Device +25 (+29 scrolls)
Feats: Combat Expertise; Dark Speech; Graft Flesh (fiendish grafts); Greater Spell Focus (enchantment); Improved Trip; Spell Focus (enchantment)
Psionic Bonus Feats:Discipline Focus (Telepathy); Practiced Manifester (+4)
Animate Chains (Su): A Sibriex uses telekinesis (as the spell) to manipulate the 4 chains onits body as a free action. Its chains are not considered apart of the creature and can be sundered; they have hardness 10 and 30 hit points. A sibriex may make new chains with Polymorph Any Object or Major Creation.

Form of Madness (Su): Any creature in 60ft must make a DC 24 will save or have its mind warped so that it sees the Sibriex as the perfect life form. The creature takes a -4 penalty to make saves against all spell like abilities or enchantments cast by the Sibriex AND immediately takes 1d6 Cha damage as it loses its sense of self worth. The madness can be cured by Heal, Greater Restoration; Miracle or Wish. A creature that passes its save is immune for 24 hours. This does not affect chaotic evil outsiders or creatures given a Fiendish Graft by the Sibriex. The save DC is charisma based.

Instant Graft (Su): 3/day as a Full Round action it may use the Graft Flesh feat (Fiend Folio p. 207) to make a fiendish graft without expending any gold or XP by forming them out of pure chaos. This gradt may be attatched only to a willing or helpless target. (Grafts described on p. 209).

Squirt Bile (Su): Each 1d4 rounds as a swift action, it may spew black bile from its feeding tubes hanging from its lower body as a ranged Touch RTA with a +10 modifier. If it hits, the target takes 12d6 Acid damage and is nauseated for 1d4 rounds unless negated by a DC 27 Fort save. The save DC is constitution based.

Flight(Ex): A Sibriex is naturally buoyant; it flies with good manuverability at a speed of 20ft and has a permanent featherfall effect.

Spell Like Abilities: At Will— Charm monster (DC 23); Greater Command (DC 24); Hold Monster (DC 24); Greater Dispel Magic, Major Creation, Sending.

3/day— Feeblemind (DC 24)

Psionic Abilities: Manifester lvl 6+4 (Practiced Manifester) =10th
Power Points (35 +21 Bonus for High Wis)

Level 1- Attraction, Force Screen, Mind Thrust, Energy Ray (DC 24/25 Telepahy Focus)
Level 2- Aversion, Ego Whip, Mental Disruption, Suggestion Psionic (DC 25/26 Telepathy Focus)
Level 3- Dominate Psionic, Empath Transfer Hostile, False Sensory Input, Psionic Blast (DC 25/26 Telepathy Focus)

Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 21
Treasure: Double standard (magic items)
Alignment: Always chaotic evil
Advancement: 16-29 HD (Large); 30-45 HD (Huge)