Merchant Lane

Merchant Lane is a wonder in itself. It has a stunningly large display of wares from all over the world. This centralized location is open for business no matter the hour or day and is always full of bustling customers. If you are looking for weapons, armor, spell components, spices, food, clothing, jewelery, or just general supplies this is the place to be.

Each stall or storefront is decorated in bright colors and banners symbolizing each merchant personal identity. There is a fierce competition going, yet there is very little violance, perhaps due to the large, well muscled men personal bodyguards hired to protect most of the merchants. The streets here are wider to allow for carts to be drawn in with products, and of course to be taken out with one as well.

The City Guard is in high demand and full force in Merchant Lane and will without a doubt get their man using any and all means necessary. Disputes are quickly squashed and most people in Avalon find this to be the safest place for enjoying the melting pot of individuals that make up the population.