Merchant Mayhem

Quest Title: Merchant Mayhem

DM Name: MalcolmWrynn

Eve White/2/Changeling/Wizard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
First: 5 Hobgoblins, CR 2.5?
Second: 1 Hobgoblin 2nd Level Fighter(CR 2) and 2 Ogres(CR 3 each)

Character Name: Experience
Miyako: 788 XP
Eve White: 788 XP
Aeron: 788 XP
Yae: 788 XP

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Miyako: 1000 GP
Eve: 1000 GP
Aeron: 1000 GP
Yae: 1000 GP
NOTE: First time granting GP for a higher than 1st level quest. Please let me know if this needs to be altered.

Quest Summary:
In short, the heroes were contracted to go clear out a keep near a main trade route, where hobgoblins had been attacking from. As it turned out, the hobgoblins were smaller in number than it was believed, (Or else they'd been in multiple locations, and this was only the first they discovered..) but also that they were being commanded by a pair of burly ogres, who were (with difficulty) dispatched by the surprised adventurers.

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