Mirror II rorriM

Mirror II rorriM

DM Name: Karrius


Myr, Abyssal Battle Sorcerer, Level 6
Rosalyn Aglaie, human half fae cleric 5+2
Silarus, Half-Elf Sorcerer/Cleric Level 7
Az Ur, Aberration Druid, Level 6
Shiari, Beastfolk (Large Cat), Level 7 (Ranger 5, Deepwood sniper 2)


Shiari Clone, CR 7
3x Kalreem, CR 3

3x Kalreem, CR 3
Rosalyn Clone, CR 7
Myr Clone, CR 6
Shiari Clone, CR 7
Silarus Clone, CR 7


Az Ur: 3240 XP
Myr: 3240 XP
Rosalyn Aglaie: 2590 XP
Silarus: 2590 XP
Shiari: 2590 XP


All: 5340 gp

Quest Summary:

The group, under Silarus's guidance, headed into the plane of mirrors to find people kidnapped by the Nerra. Once entering, mirror clones were made of them, who harassed the PCs as they searched. Eventually they found Az Ur's clone, who was helpful, and pointed them in the direction of the victims - in return, they encouraged him to leave the plane peacefully. After a bloody battle against the rest of the clones, the group ensured their mirror twins were eliminated, and all the victims freed.

XP Awarded…Rep held until QR's status is ascertained.