Mirror rorriM

Mirror rorriM

DM Name: Karrius


Az Ur: Level 4 Changeling Druid with Fleshraker Companion
Colt: Beastfolk Fighter 6
Shiari: Beastfolk (Large cat, Pantheri), Level 5 Ranger, level 1 Deepwood Sniper.
Silarus: Half-elf, Cloistered Cleric 2/Sorcerer 4, Level 6


5x Kalareem, CR 3
2x Varoot, CR 1

1x Sillit, CR 6
1x Falling Chandelier Trap, CR 3
2x Kalareem, CR 3


Az Ur: 2350 XP
Silarus: 1800 XP
Shiari: 1800 XP
Colt: 1800 XP


All: 2400 gp and a Divine Boon*

*Divine Boon may be cashed in once ever, giving +10 to a die result after it has been made, to a maximum of whatever the dice would have it. Thus, a 1 on a skill check can be treated as an 11 (and not suffer the -10 penalty), or a 15 on an attack roll can be treated as if it was a 20, automatically hitting and threatening a critical hit. Only valid in Karrius's games, unless other DMs give permission otherwise. Only valid on a per-character basis. One use only.

Quest Summary:

Hearing of a distraught maid, the party went to find the woman, Carol, in the park to listen to her story. Upset and frantic, she told about how she was newly hired to a noble estate, and during the night witnessed another new maid struggling as the other servants forcibly shoved her into a mirror, which she fell through like water. Fleeing the scene, she went to the guard, who didn't believe her story - especially when they went to inspect the manor, and found the 'kidnapped' servant still there, perfectly happy. Trusting her, the group headed to the manor and managed to distract the guard, convicing him to get get his superior, while they slipped inside. Working their way in, they found a gigantic mirror in the dining room, out of which their reflections leaped out and attacked! The servants, too, were mirror-people who attacked the group. Slaying the dopplegangers, the group went to look further inside, only to be attacked by a noble-looking mirror man. During the fight, Carol was killed as the manor's chandelier was dropped onto the group - afterwards, however, they pooled their resources to have a temple resurrect her, and vowed to enter the mirror where the other servants were taken.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien