Mistress Butterbottom's Challenge

Mistress Butter-Bottom's Challenge

DM Name: King_Jack (redbeardm)

Abby, Halfling, psion 5
Jereck, Half-Drow Abomination, Cleric 2 Wizard 2
Karyn, Human, Cleric 3 Wizard 2
Stray, Human, Cleric 4

1 Bearded Devil
Extensive RP and IC Investigation

Abby: 2,000

Treasure: Bracers of Armor +2(Abby),Vanisher Cloak (Jereketh), Bolt Shirt(Karyn), +2 Heavy Wooden Shield(Stray)

Quest Summary: A populer waystation three weeks travel from Avalon has been plagued by a series of brutal murders. The Mistress and Head Priestess of the hidden brothel, and secret temple to Sin sent out a request for aid. The adventurers arrived and enjoyed the rustic hospitality and fare of the Roadhouse, after their long travel and varied research in preparation of their task. As they relaxed in the tavern Karyn flashed her hidden holy symbol of Sin to a likely follower of the same. As Stray's temper flared and she berated the rotund barman, the party secured a private and "intimate" interview with Mistress Butter-Bottom, the voluptuous and seductive dwarven cultist of Sin. Weaving a tale of woe and evil, the dwarf regaled the party with a tale of mysterious evil, savage butchery of prostitutes, and innuendo laden promises of gratitude and reward. As Jereck and Karyn probed the hedonist's story, Abby fell victim to a subtle psionic trap, and spent most of the interview helpless and nude in the clutches of the Priestess of Sin.

With Stray's return, the party left with their misgivings and made their way into the shadowed wood, in the dead of night. The heroes searched until they came across a murdered paladin. Brutally defiled and hung from a tree by his own spilt innards. The hidden and subtle clues in the gruesome display were laid bare to the party's knowledge of the planes, healing, and lore. They deduced the killer was an evil outsider from beyond the pale, and that it would react if they removed its gorey totemic challenge of territory. Severing the Paladin's hanging cord with his own silver sword, the group was swiftly joined in vicious combat by an enraged Bearded Devil! Stray acted as the vanguard for the battle, dealing and receiving terrible wounds as they fought the evil from the nine hells of Baator! Abby the halfling poured psychic energy into manifestations of flames, electric bolts that stung and popped, and slippery mental lubricants to aid her friends in the battle. The Cleric Karyn commanded the stones of the earth to attack their foe as she enhanced Stray's might tenfold and kept her safely from the cold embrace of the grave.

In the end, Jerecketh the Abomination pulled the light of the moon down to hurl twin brilliant bolts of it through the eyes of the fel beast, striking it dead. The party left the smoking corpse where it lay and spent themselves in quick action, each in turn, to heal the infernal wounds the vicious devil had laid into Stray's pale flesh. Returning the silver swords to the Paladin at Stray's insistence, the stalwart bunch made their weary way back to the Roadhouse with the rays of the dawn at their backs. Spending a few idle days in the Roadhouse and its hidden Brothel, the party members were refreshed and lauded as powerful heroes to be admired and praised. Given many kisses and promises of future favor, Mistress Butter-Bottom pressed a gift to each of them in thanks, and sped them back home to Avalon in a chartered stagecoach.