Mithrandir Ancestors

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Yuria, level 14 elan psion/crystal master
Kara`nydraess, level 14 gold-dragon blooded human dragonheart mage
White Hawk, level 17 human wizard/dweomerkeeper/mithrandir

1 Astal Dreadnaught (CR 17) - Manual of the Planes
3 Ethereal Doppelgangers (CR 15 each, CR 18 total) - Monster Manual 2
20 Spell Weavers (CR 10 each, CR 16 total) - Monster Manual 2

Yuria and Kara`nydraess - 12,600 xp for each
White Hawk - 5,384 xp


  • 55,500 gp for each
  • White Hawk's skin is stitched with a frosty spellweave and he gains the floating fortress of the Mithrandir as his personal property (Paragon quest rewards)
  • 8,000 gp worth of books, scrolls, tomes and other bits of reading material, including magic scrolls and books if desired, or normal but informative books if those are preferred - players may use their imagination. May be traded in for full price if not wanted. Each party member gets 8,000 go worth of reading material in this fashion. This amount may be added to the amount listed below for magic items, provided the item in question is some sort of reading material.
  • Any magic item, or magic item combination, that equals up to (but does not exceed) 55,000 gp, for each party member. This is loot from the treasures of the spell weavers and the doppelgangers. Gold from the rewards above can be substituted in to increase the magic item gold value limit at the discretion of each player.

Quest Summary:
While searching the Great Library for answers to their burning questions, the party came across a tome which had sheaves of paper stuffed into it, from the journal of ancient Mithrandirs, telling the location of one of their lost ancient fortresses, somewhere in the Astral Plane. It also detailed how to use a portal key to pass through the Sigil, and from Sigil to the fortress in its hidden location, or close to it, at least. The party had to fight their way through several spell weavers that were guarding one end of the portals that they were using, but were able to proceed after a pitched fight.

Passing through the second portal in the spell weaver library, the party then entered the Astral Plane, where the lost fortress of the Mithrandir was easily located. But not without new dangers! A trio of deadly ethereal doppelgangers had taken up residence there, pretending to be mithrandir so as to infiltrate the place most thoroughly, and then kill off the former owners. The party had to face them in deadly combat at the central flight stone chamber in the fortress, but managed to destroy all three…though not without attracting the attention of an Astral Dreadnought, which came to slaughter them all and destroy the fortress without the doppelgangers to hide its presence any more. The party were pitted in a final life-or-death struggle, and emerged…victorious. With that, they were able to shift the fortress back to the Prime Material Plane of Therafim, though the flight stone cracked afterward, losing that power as well as the ability to teleport. It can still fly, however, and is now back in the hands of the Mithrandir, White Hawk.