Mixed Drinks

Listed here are a variety of mixed drinks, though many have been given names more appropriate to fantasy settings. Feel free to add your own, preferably with suitably nifty names, so long as you abide by the provided format and are careful to spellcheck and proofread thoroughly. Be sure to let an Op know when you add your own drink mixes here, however, for potential REP, depending on quality and depth of descriptions, as well as the quantity of mixed drinks added.

Active Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, Lager Beer
Inactive Ingredients: None
Description: A commonly favored drink amongst laborers, the blacksmith is simply lager beer with a bit of rye whiskey mixed in.

Bloody Axe
Active Ingredients: Vodka, Rye Whiskey, Brandy, Cider, and Mead
Inactive Ingredients: Pinch of powdered ginger, pinch of powdered cinnamon
Description: Bloody Axe is a spicy, powerful mixed drink that is commonly served warm. It is popular amongst fighters of colder climates.

Bloody Morning
Also Known As: Red Prairie Oyster, Bleeding Bedwetter
Active Ingredients: Vodka
Inactive Ingredients: Tomato juice, celery stalk, dash of ground red pepper
Description: Bloody Morning is often considered to be a "hangover helper" cocktail.

Buttered Rum
Active Ingredients: Rum
Inactive Ingredients: Hot Butter, brown sugar, water
Description: Buttered rum is an all around popular drink in the colder climates. Quite often rum will be imported to these areas specifically to make this particular drink.

Dancing Ghoul
Active Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, Licorice Liquor, Mint Gin, and Vodka
Inactive Ingredients: Lime juice, mint leaves, sprig of wormwood
Description: Dancing ghoul is a wicked, foul mixture that often leaves one grabbing one's head in agony or stumbling about incoherently.

Dune Pick
Active Ingredients: Mezcal, Orange Liquor
Inactive Ingredients: Pomegranate, apricot nectar
Description: A reasonably strong, intoxicating drink that has a surprisingly pleasant flavor going down. Many declare that dune pick is the kind of drink that "sort of just sneaks up on you."

Active Ingredients: Bourbon whiskey, brandy
Inactive Ingredients: Milk, cream, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg
Description: A sweet drink, traditionally served around cold-weather holidays.

Gibbering Lich
Active Ingredients: Absinthe, Rum, Rye Whiskey, Vodka, Brandy, and Gin
Inactive Ingredients: Lemon juice, lemon peels, mint leaves
Description: A rather foul and potent drink, a gibbering lich is generally avoided by all but the most seasoned and daring of drinkers.

Active Ingredients: Rum
Inactive Ingredients: Water, sugar, and lime
Description: This drink was invented with the express purpose of cutting down on the drunkenness of sailors (who previously drank rum straight up).

Happy Hearthside
Active: Ingredients: Vodka, Rye Whiskey, Vanilla liquor
Inactive Ingredients: Warm cream, brown sugar hot butter
Description: Happy hearthside is a popular cold weather drink.

Longtooth Headspliter
Active Ingredients: Orc's Piss, Bourbon whiskey
Inactive Ingredients: Pig Blood, Honeycomb, and Sugar
Description: A potent drink made specifically for the more dull taste buds of orcs. The hard liquor and the large amount of sugar as part of its creation makes it a favorite among orcs traveling abroad.

Milk Punch
Active Ingredients: Selection or mixture of poteen, rum, brandy, and whiskey
Inactive Ingredients: Vanilla, milk, cream, sugar, nutmeg
Description: Similar to eggnog, milk punch is sweet and creamy. By definition, milk punch is a punch made with liquor (dark rum, whiskey, brandy or a combination of dark rum and brandy), milk, sugar, and vanilla and is served ice cold.

Milk with Knives
Active Ingredients: Usually vodka, though other alcoholic beverages are possible
Inactive Ingredients: Milk, (optional) sugar, cinnamon, other spices
Description: Milk with Knives is any drink served in milk, often as a way of disguising the fact that one is drinking alcohol, though some grow to like the taste, which tends to soften the punch of the alcohol somewhat.

Mind Displacer
Also Known As: Tequila Sunrise, Starshine Surprise, Marguerita Grande
Active Ingredients: Mezcal, Brandy, Vodka
Inactive Ingredients: Lime juice and crushed strawberries, with a slight ring of salt around the edge of the glass.
Description: The mind displacer is a popular mixed drink in areas of warm to hot climates. Quite brutal in potency, it's a beverage not to be taken lightly. This drink is also called the Starshine Surprise or the Tequila Sunrise, because after you have drunk it, the next thing you will notice is the stars above you, or the sun cresting over the horizon and bearing down on you, probably because you are laying flat on your back in the street or against a wall (which is quite a surprise if you're not expecting it).

Pirate Punch
Also Known As: Kill Devil
Active Ingredients: Rum, Lime Liquor, Peach Liquor
Inactive Ingredients: Coconut milk, pineapple juice.
Description: A favorite amongst the southernmost colonies, Pirate Punch has also made its way to mainland taverns as well.

Sailor's Delight
Active Ingredients: Rum, Fortified Wine
Inactive Ingredients: Lime juice, pinch of powdered clove.
Description: Though a bit unusual in taste at first, Sailor's Delight is a reasonably popular seaside drink.

Sexy Hag
Active Ingredients: Rum, Vodka, Rye Whiskey, Cherry Liquor, Peach Liquor
Inactive Ingredients: Brewed Tea, Brown sugar.
Description: An interesting blend of particularly potent effect, Sexy Hag is enjoyed by a wide variety of patrons.

Also Known As: Suffering Ghast, Sex With Falazure
Active Ingredients: Absinthe, Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Brandy, Sherry, Gin, Beer, Unspiced Rum, Gunpowder
Inactive Ingredients: Mint Leaves and fresh spring water, mixed with spices
Description: Many hardened drinkers claim that this is beverage should only be available by prescription, mainly because of the quantity of narcotic agents that are released by mixing absinthe with hard liquors. The people who drink it claim that this is complete nonsense, no narcotic agents are released and… by the way, did you know that you just turned into a lampstand?

Sugar Lady
Active Ingredients: Rum, Brandy
Inactive Ingredients: Beet sugar, apple juice, grape juice, crushed strawberries, and a light dash of cinnamon
Description: Sugar Lady is a sweet, delightful drink that is popular with the rich debutantes of the larger communities.

Active Ingredients: Bourbon Whiskey
Inactive Ingredients: Honey, lemon juice and peel
Description: Served hot, toddies are mainly used as a form of medicine for those suffering from common cold weather ailments.

Troll Spit
Active Ingredients: Orc's Piss Bourbon, random leftovers
Inactive Ingredients: Water, a dirty glass
Description: Troll spit is the result of desperation, apathy, or outright cruelty on the part of a bartender. It is made of a dash of the very cheapest orc's piss, which then has whatever dregs that are left over from other bottles splashed in for variety, and then significantly watered down. This tends to result in a truly odious but incredibly cheap drink that has the potential to be highly intoxicating or else just water with some random alcohols thrown in, depending on the random whim of the bartender and how much leftover booze was available at the time.

Wild Druid
Active Ingredients: Absinthe, Gin
Inactive Ingredients: Mint leaves, spring water
Description: A drink favored by those with a taste of the wilderness, the mixture known as the wild druid is particularly favored by rangers, half-elves, and wandering druids.

Witch Vomit
Active Ingredients: Absinthe, Brandy
Inactive Ingredients: Brown sugar, a dash of lime, and cool spring water.
Description: Witch vomit is a popular drink amongst seasoned fighters, rangers, and assassins.