DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kara`nydraess Nyatia, ECL 13 gold dragonblooded human dragonheart mage
Kaellack, level 14 human rogue/swordsage/shadowlord
Tonia Aldrecen, level 13 aasimar cleric/radiant servant
Olivia, level 14 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Tammuz, level 15 human cleric/warlock/eldritch disciple

Dealing with Halflings (CR 8 encounter)
4 mockery drones (CR 9 each, CR 13 total)
1 mockery monarch (CR 14)

Kara`nydraess and Tonia: 2,080 xp for each
Kaellack and Olivia: 1,505 xp for each
Tammuz: 1,125 xp

10,020 gp for each
1 scroll or psionic one-shot item of 7th level or less

Quest Summary:
The party was hired by Mercer and Antonio Wheelwright, of the Wheelwright Mercantile Company, a major trader in clockwork devices based in Avalon City. Recently they lost contact with one of their assembly areas, based in a small village of gnomes set up on an island between Cargando and Summer Country, noted for being a nice tropical paradise that is also infested with cannibal halflings (well…they only eat Talls, so they're not really cannibals, but still…). When the party got there, they discovered an empty village. Additional searching uncovered a large watertight metal cylinder, in which they discovered blueprints for the creation of clockwork horrors - the Wheelwrights had been making these creatures for an unknown use! The party then discovered that they were being watched by a halfling painted in woad, and gave chase, with Olivia turning into a halfling in appearance. This was fortunate, since it meant that the halflings were willing to let their chieftess deal with the party, and tell them what had happened, more or less. The party then tracked the gnomes to where they had been taken: a makeshift village where they were being gradually devoured by the mockery monarch and made into more mockery bugs. The party managed to slay the mockery bug nest, discovering the meteor that they arrived in in the process, and save the gnomes that had not yet been processed. And that was where the adventure came to a halt.