DM Name: Darkmask


Zamiera: Level 4 Wolfen Druid
Lily: Level 6 Large Canine Beastfolk Monk
Cecila: Level 4 Human Wizard
Kevarl: Level 5 Draconic Izakar Sorcerer
Liliana Raventide: Level 6 Human Psion


1) Forlorn Husk, CR 4
2) Forlorn Husk, CR 4
3) Gibbering Mouther, CR 5
4) Squamous Spewer, CR 7


Zamiera: 1440 EXP
Lily: 1140 EXP
Cecila: 1440 EXP
Kevarl: 1300 EXP
Liliana: 1140 EXP


Zamiera: 1980 Gold
Lily: 1980 Gold
Cecila: 1980 Gold
Kevarl: 1980 Gold
Liliana: 1980 Gold

In addition, the party will each receive one of the following: One Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, One Potion of either Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Fox's Cunning, Owl's Wisdom, or Eagle's Splendor (their choice), and one Magic Item of up to 1500 Gold in value, on behalf of the City of Avalon for services rendered.

Quest Summary:

Something strange was happening on the streets of Avalon, first a few of the homeless who litter the streets turn violent, attacking passer-bys without any sense of self, and then even commonfolk start to act oddly, lashing out at people, trying to hurt themselves or trying to get through the grates of the city's sewers. With any case, the only clue they had to go on was this maddening jibberish, echoing through the sewers. At first the city guard was sure such an issue could be handled on their own, sending down two of their own to investigate. However after 48 hours had passed and no word from the dispatched guards, the city hired a group of adventurers to search for the missing guards and find out what is causing this madness on the streets.

It did not take long before the party happened upon the 'yammering' they had been warned of, and soon found the guards, nothing more but drained, bloodless husks so desperate for moisture, even in death, they attacked the party with hesitation. As unfortunately as the situation was, the party did not waste time in ending the threat the guard's poised, putting them to rest.

Further into the dank and vile sewers of Avalon's underground, the party found the source, or in this case, sources of the unending gibberish, a nightmarish Gibbering Mouther, and even more dangerous, a dragon-esque Squamous Spewer. Between the Motuher's maddening verses, and the Spewer's terrifying roars, the party had its work cut out for it, having to struggle at first to keep their front line against these amorphous foes. However, they never surrendered, first cutting down the Mouther, and finally, bringing the Spewer down, ending the threat they posed to the city streets.

Although the loss of the guards was saddening news indeed for the city, they were truly thankful for the adventurers for at least finding their husks and putting an end to the threat.

EEXP awarded by Jennibear