Mountain Mystery

Quest Synopsis
DM: Zenithsolar
Duration: 9hours 25 minutes

Character Level Classes Exp Gold
Riel Mayer 7 Monk/Psychic Warrior 2660 5600
Eisen 10 Wizard/Incantatrix 1350 5600
Iras Goirog 6 Warblade 2160 2550
Tonia Pegason 9 Cleric/Radiant Servant 1620 5600
Catherine 8 Swordsage/Psychic Warrior 2160 5600

Other Loot: Potion of Jump, Potion of Darkvision, Everburning Torch

Challenges overcome:
Lightning Trap CR 4
Bodak x2 CR 8 EA
Kyton x4 CR 6 EA
Puzzle Bonus (counted in exp)

The recent find of a historical texts prompts a rallying of adventurers for a little tomb raiding. The party accepts the job and are taken to the site of the crypt where they're told to find and retrieve the fragments of a key said to unlock an ancient tomb. After a long search and some perilous fights, the party succeeds in gathering these pieces.

Eisen attempts to extract extra information from the surviving Kytons. Though their knowledge of what he seeks is limited, the little they provide is enough to honor their agreement and they're left to their own devices within the crypt.

The party returns the key to the historians who will analyse it further.