DM Name: Theron/ScalyBrian

Karyn, Level 1 Human Cleric
Naeyla, Level 1 Human Swashbuckler
Ashran, Level 1 Half-Elf Warblade

2 Sahuagin Raiders CR2
1 Sahuagin Oracle (Druid) CR3

700 xp each

400 gold pieces each

Quest Summary: A number of adventurers were once again lured into service with The Commerce Guild by an offer of wealth. A member of the Commerce Guild by the name of Elani set up a booth to attract adventurers looking for some fast coin. It seems that a small warehouse used by the Guild to hold goods after arriving or before shipping has been attacked on subsequent nights by assailants unknown and partially looted. On each occasion the guards or Watch present have disappeared.

The party set up an ambush within the Warehouse to wait for the expected arrival of the perpetrators. After midnight they were not disappointed; the floor in several spaces in the middle of the room warped and opened up, allowing Sahuagin to crawl or jump up from the waters below. The party immediately engaged the creatures, and were nearly caught unawares by the Oracle's clever use of bringing with him what was needed for a limited use of the Entangle Spell. With teamwork and persistence they wore the Raiders down through the Oracle's attempted healing spells and eventually killed the caster himself after the Raiders were dealt with.