Museum of the Dead

Museum of the Dead

DM Name: OmniIbis


Name, Class, Level, Favorite Color

CR416 / Barbarian / 2 / Purple
Alexian/Duskblade 1/White
Lilac Elding/Psion/1/Red
Westley Faolan/Cleric/1/Green
Lucius Daein/Crusader 3/Red
Loki/Beguiler/Level 3/Black
Graag/Barbarian/1/Uh.. what?
Aisha/Swordsage/Level 1/Silver


5 Human Zombies CR ½
Vampire spawn CR 4
Bugbear Zombie CR 2


Everyone: 500 xp

Everyone got a small boost do to ingenuity on the quest.


1,000 gp a piece.

Quest Summary:

So a bunch of people were hired to guard some books. Then zombies came and knocked on the door. The cookies they were selling weren't good though, so the party smashed them. Then there were some screams so the group went to go check it out. They found a gothy vampire stealing stuff, who they stabbed. Then she got pissed and left, leaving behind a bugbear zombie. But Lilac went a clubbin so it's all coo'.