Naughty Adventures Starring the Grigs

Naughty Adventures Starring the Grigs

DM Name:

Seren Arc, Level 5 Human(Dragon-Blooded) Sorcerer
Curoy Del Kaylos IV, 1, Human, Wizard
Ayla Varia, 2, Human, Rogue/Swashbuckler
Conall, 1, Human, Bard
Kael, 2, Beastfolk Wolven,
Eve White, Level 3 Changeling Wizard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Siren flower CR 2
Satyr CR 4
11 Grigs CR 1

Character Name: Experience
Seren Arc 800
Curoy Del Kaylos IV 875
Ayla Varia 875
Conall 875
Kael 875
Eve White 875

Seren Arc, 735 gold, Ring of Protection +1
Curoy Del Kaylos IV, 735 gold, Masterwork Crossbow, 1 potion of cure light wounds
Ayla Varia, 735 gold, Mithril Chain shirt
Conall, 735 gold, Masterwork Rapier, 1 potion of cure light wounds
Kael, 735 gold, Masterwork Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield
Eve White, 735 gold, Mithril Buckler

Quest Summary:

The party was hired discretely by an agent of a retired adventuress. She'd had a graft made of her husbands cock while he was still alive and still used it to this day. While she was on a visit to a gnome settlement near Pixis it was stolen. It had great sentimental value and the party wandered into the forest to retrieve it.

A little ways inside they found what appeared to be a naked elf sunbathing in a clearing. When Ayla and Conall got close it revealed its true form as a Siren flower and managed to get Conall in its grasp and insert a pine-cone shaped seedpod up his rectum before it was vanquished.

All the while a Satyr had been watching the party foolishly approach the flower and after being spotted tried charming the women into coming along. Conall dispelled his song's effect and as an offering of peace the Satyr offered to escort them to the Grigs who'd stolen the Dildo.

There they discovered the Grigs had been using the dildo as a sled on their water-slide and had no idea what a dildo was. They refused to hand it over until they received a demonstration, and after a failed cheating attempt at a coin flip by Ayla, she was magically persuaded to demonstrate.

They left leaving the Grigs significantly more interested in obtaining Grig sized versions of the device and met with the retired adventuress at her home in Avalon. There she gave them their reward and imparted a few of her and her husbands old adventuring items for them to use.

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