Necromancer's Lair

DM: Dallys

Echo, 1st level Human Fighter
Colt, 3rd level Beastfolk Fighter
Inara, 2nd Level human Paladin
Alieena, 3rd Level half-elven Witch (Wizard)
Silya, 5th level human Knight
Jaquen, 2nd Level human beguiler

6 Human Skeletons (CR 1/3 each)
1 Owlbear Skeleton (CR 2)
2 Derro (CR 3 each)
1 Otyugh (CR 4)
2 Lesser Necrophidus (CR 2 each)
1 Acid spraying trap (CR 2)
1 Level 5 Derro Necromancer (CR 6)

Encounter Levels were: 4, 5, 4, 5, 6

1475 for Echo, Colt, Inara, Alieena and Jaquen
1225 for Silya

Treasure Awarded:
1900 Gold for each participant.


Hired by the city watch, the group decended into a makeshift lair located in the city sewers. They traversed the darkness battling against several undead creatures and derro, picking their way through a secret passage, they significantly shortened the length of time they had to spend in that foul place, burned by acid, they finally made their way into the necromancer's lair, where he was ready for them, a climactic battle ensuing, but eventually the party emerged victorious, and was handsomely rewarded by the city watch captain.