Necropolis Of Dread

Many know of The Necropolis in The Sea of Dust, and the Undead Council that rules it. The chief gods there are The Night Dragon respected by all, and The Father Styx whose will is exacted by the Mummy Lords. However, there may be another Necropolis, or else a secret hidden within the city of the unliving. Through great slaughter, the will of truly potent undead, or perhaps a dark deity there came to be a black obelisk of great necromantic power. A great Necropolis was built around this obelisk. Any creature that approaches the obelisk is run through with icy spears of fear, and only one who can withstand this may approach close enough to taste its power. On those who worthy, for one year the spells they cast, spell like powers, and supernatural abilities are enhanced. Those who are not of the undead and still susceptible to fear gain a resilience to it. The exact location of The Necropolis of Dread is unknown, were it The Necropolis itself it would be a hard secret to hide, but it is certain to be in the land of Crescent. It is believed to be in the hands of the cult of The Night Dragon or else The Father Styx, guarded by dracoliches or mummy lords -or seeing as the latter is willing to ally with many, it might be controlled jointly and protected by both. However, there are those that maintain that no one knows the location, and that it is still sought.