DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Silya, level 6 human knight
Voss, level 2 duergar beguiler
Silk, level 3 beastfolk monk
Kiefer, level 3 equitra barbarian
Roka, level 5 foxkin ranger

Miss Penny Pointe (level 4 half-elf swordsage) with Henriette and Hornelia (minotaurs female) (CR 7 total)
3 Bouncers (CR 3 each, level 3 ranger and 2 level 3 barbarians, CR 6 total)

Silya: 900 xp
Roka: 1,050 xp
Kiefer and Silk and Voss: 1,260 xp for each

1,380 gp for each
Selection of one from the following (as rewards from the elves):
Cloak of quills (MIC pg. 87, 2,500 gp)
Elven Cloak (2,500 gp)
Boots of Elvenkind (2,500 gp)
Crystal Mask of Languages (MIC pg. 91, 2,500 gp)
Golembane Scarab (2,500 gp)

Quest Summary:
The party was hired to find the daughter of the elven ambassador, who disappeared while she was going to Club Hex, a noisy nightclub for young people in Avalon City - a very stylish place, and more than a bit of a meat market for the wealthy youth of the city. The party made their way there and blended in as best they could with the other partygoers, eventually uncovering that the place was owned by somebody called Miss Pointe, who, while young, had some serious Underworld connections, including with the Syndicate. She was also a tattoo enthusiast, and loved to make her art on the very finest of skin. Especially elven skin. The party bluffed their way into the back rooms of Club Hex, and there the female members of the party were assaulted by three suited bouncers, who tried to take them prisoner. The party handled the bouncers well, and then invaded Miss Pointe's inner sanctum, where she was scrawling a detailed tattoo on the back of an unwilling captive. Overpowering Miss Pointe and her bodyguards, the party found the elven girl and several others trapped in the back room, hanging like living art, their skins decorated with beautiful tattoos. Also in the back room was an old man, his face showing his bitter cruelty. This was Miss Pointe's teacher, now her prisoner, forced to continue to give her lessons so that she could become the greatest tattooist in the world.