Nerylos G'raf'blak
Aliases: Nery
Age: 28
Hair: Long, Black, and Thin
Skin: Black, Silver, Crimson
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'0
Weight: 190
Race: Beastfolk
Subtype: XI-Coatl/Night Peeper
Class: Ranger-4 Duskblade-3 Rogue-2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Cipactli
Level: 9
Experience: 36,016
Hit Points: 86/86
Gold: 17,743.7
Current Status: Active
Played by Nerylos


Current Appearance

Nerylos is a well-muscled, six foot tall Lizardfolk. Unlike many of his kin, he does not take a typical appearance, but is instead the product of inter-species breeding. A majority of his body is covered in black amphibian skin, and like that of the frogfolk, he has no tail. This, however, is where his lineage with the frogfolk ends. His face has a war-like, human appearance, with strong, thick bones and black iguana-like scales for skin, topped off by a patch of long, thin white hair, which he wears in a cluster of braids studded with tribal beads. His eyes are reptilian and burn with a changing-colored infernal fire with a double set of eye-lids, and his mouth is wide and filled with amber glass-like hooked teeth, with iguana auditory sensory on his thick neck. The scales from his face grow larger as they go down his back, turning red at the nape, cross the top of his shoulders and go down the outside of his arms over the elbows, ending on the backs of his iguana-taloned hands, then widen out at the lower back, wrapping around to the front at the groin where they continue down the front of his legs where they cease atop his human-like feet. Perhaps his most perturbing features are the large dinosaur-like armor-bone and quill clusteres protruding from the skin in places. His collar bone, shoulders, spine, elbows, and knees, as well as inch wide band where his hips sit closest to his skin, knuckles and toes all give way to reptilian armor-bone. His chest, despite being covered in amphibian skin, appears humanoid, including a pair of speckled tan nipples, although he has no belly button.

Due to his strange physique and bony protrusions, he has had to find alternate ways of further armoring himself as to the ways of norm. Because normal armor clashes with his natural defenses, he has instead decided to augment that very aspect of himself, as cultural heritage dictates for those with such bony protrusions. By working with armorsmiths and paying a little extra, the Lizardfolk have devised an ingenious way of getting around this hurtle. Using a drill and a willing body piercer, they drill dozens, sometimes hundreds of small holes in the bony protrusions. They then have said armorsmith make them a custom suit of armor - typically mail- that covers the unarmored portions of their body via attaching itself to the piercings in their bone.

Nerylos is currently wearing a suit of oily black Mithril Chain (shirt variety). It appears from a distance that the suit may actually be a part of him, but in fact it is not. Closer examination or closer proximity reveals it's his outer layer of armor. The suit has been worked in a double layer, the lower of them being the chainmail itself, and the upper being a layer of decorative(?) scale to cover the chain beneath. Many of the scales have been further tooled, baring strange runes inlaid with tiny rivulets of gold while others have waves, trees, and blood-drops dusted with the faintest traces of sapphire, emerald ruby powder, respectively.
Atop his head, a pair of very old looking Leather-wrapped mithril goggles reside. Strange runes are etched on them in a hexagrammic pattern where the Mithril is visible, and within the lenses themselves is a small myriad of strange clockwork devices. A level on the side allows them to be activated, and once has been done so faint whirring and clicking noises can be heard coming from inside the device.
The Longbow he carries, almost always in his hands, has been polished to a matte black, presumably by ash, and adorned with small bits of bone along the risers. Set into the nock a lethally cold-looking gemstone has been places, occasionally flaring in the air with the magical essence of falling snow.
His neck is protected by an elaborate metal gorget (Amulet of Tears) with an inch and a half tall round gemstone-like object set over the larnyx. Upon closer inspection, the gem is revealed to not be a gem at all, but some sort of strange magical artifact. Inside one sees an almost impossibly small representation of a swamp. Murky water fills the lower half of the object, upon which floats a small island of mud. From the mud a single tree grows, no more than half an inch tall, and for all intents and purposes appears to be some sort of swamp tree, just reaching maturity, complete with spanish moss and all. If one watches long enough, they could swear they see something moving in the murk beneath the small island.
His back is host to his pack - consisting of an Efficient Quiver on the right and Bag of Holding on the left, riding in tandem, strapped across his chest his neck by a complex series of thongs of lizard design under his armor. On the side of the bag a sheath has been worked into the design, allowing the storing of a single medium-sized blade, from which the stocky hilt of a heavy, double sided bush knife protrudes, wrapped in leather.
At his waist an elaborate leather trophy belt (healing belt) rests just above the bony protrusions of his hips, from which dangle relics of slain foes. The belt itself is studded with with what look like pea-sized crushed emeralds. Among the trophies one can spot the claw of an Owlbear, a Goblin and Orc ear, a cog stamped with the mark of a Derugar forge, tusks of an Ettin, the end of a Skum's tail, Teeth from an Iron Warhound and the disgusting withered Toe of an Athach.