New Gods

Proposals for new demigods are almost always welcome. Those of more powerful gods are also invited, albeit tentatively.

Applications for deities follow the following format:

Primary God Name
Additional deity names.
Symbol: What the followers of this deity use to identify themselves and work miracles.
Home Plane: This will normally be one of the standard planes of D&D.
Alignment: The basic temperament of the deity.
Portfolio: What the god has jurisdiction over.
Worshipers: Who worships the god.
Cleric Alignments: The alignments of those who get spells from this deity.
Domains: Use this domain list. Demigods have 3-4 domains, and greater gods receive 5-7 domains. The greatest deities receive 7-9 domains, but these deity slots are filled, and not available for additions.
Favored Weapon: The weapon the deity likes best, often used by followers.
Basic deity description information goes after this stat list, including the deity's appearance and some basic history.
Clergy: Name of the deities followers
Favored Offering: The favored offerings to that deity-to be made by lay persons or common priests (even those without magical powers). This offering is worth more than common day to day offerings. It is equivalent to the offering required for a Divination spell consisting of "Incense and a sacrificial offering appropriate to your religion, together worth at least 25 gp". For a person that makes 1 sp/day or 3gp a month this will be a major offering, for a person that makes 1gp/day or 30 gp per month as many skilled laborers do this would be a significant offering. For adventurers (divine or otherwise) this is trivial, but still valued by the deity. Priests who accept such offerings from lay persons may use them as spell components in a Divination on the offerers behalf, in this way not only do those making the offerings recieve advice about something, but the offering is completely consumed by divine magic showing that it has been accepted.

What the deity teaches to followers, including standards of behavior, common rituals, and basic philosophy.

Clergy and Temples
The identifying marks of appearance and behavior among the god's clergy and temples.

Be sure that your deity writeup is unique by checking the extent list of deities. We want to avoid duplication as much as possible. Also be sure that there is a need for your deity, or at least a decent niche.