Night Swim

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Raethoriel, level 1 elven shadowcaster
Jasper, level 5 ratkin scout
Kasius, level 1 human sorcerer
Voss, level 3 duergar beguiler

1 wereshark, 1 huge shark (CR 4 each, CR 6 total)

Raethoriel, Kasius, Voss: 675 xp for each
Jasper: 563 xp

750 gp for each
Choose one of the following (each 50 gp):
Potion or Oils: magic weapon (+1); cure light wounds; mage armor; endure elements.

Quest Summary:
The party was out on the beach, each member taking a late-night stroll, when they heard a woman crying for help from her capsized boat. As it turned out, the woman was a were-shark, trying to lure them in. The party would have none of this, however, and waded into bloody battle, until finally the shark and wereshark both sank beneath the waves.