Nightmares Made Real

Warlock Invocation
Level: Greater, 6th lv.
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25ft +5ft/2 lvls)
Area: Five 10ft cubes + One 10ft cube/Lvl
Duration: 1round/lv
Saving Throw: Will (If interacted with)
Spell Resistance: No
You cloak the surrounding area with phantasmagoric figures, creating a horrific dreamscape, making any terrain look, sound, and smell like something out of a nightmare -writhing, vegetation, disembodied limbs, animated corpses, smoking pits, miasmic vapors, vile stenches, or whatever else springs from your fiendish imagiation.

Creatures inside, entering, OR viewing the area are entitled to make will saves to resist the illusion. Creatures in the area that failed saves become entagled. While mostly illusory, the hazards you create are partially real. All creatures within the area that did not save take 1d6 points of damage at the start of your turn. All creatures regardless the outcome of the save within 5 ft of each other have concealment, and those 10ft away have total concealment. The caster may make Hide checks in this area even if they are observed (no other creatures gain this benefit). If you use this invocation a second time while a previous nightmares made real is still present, the previous effect ends.

(Complete Mage, Page 124)