Nobles Of Avalon City

Note: This is not an all inclusive list. This is to give players an idea of the noble families of Avalon as well as the surrounding areas.

Badge: An up-right open-flowering red rose encircled by a loop of silver chain
- Long ago abandoned Carthrose Hall (Several days to South of Avalon); used to be prone to attacks by bandits and such due to distance before it became haunted by specter of dead family retainers
- Suffered many financial losses over last ten years from wars, poor investments, debts and bad luck (mills are old and decrepit; used to be mainly into flax crops but now into textiles)
- recently seem to have inexhaustible coffers
- Do not keep a large personal guard (8)
- Never enjoyed much social prominence; generally thought of as 'country' nobility
- Rumors of fencing pirate goods (i.e. source of new income)
Noldron Ampner - (m) 25
- Recent head of family after death of father, Urgrave Readrin (died 9 months ago)
Kassitrassa Ampner - (f) 55
- Elderly aunt; never married
- Known as 'the Witch Rose' due to her earlier days of unearthly raven-haired beauty and reputed use of dark magics to achieve her desires
Balarra Ampner - (f) 29
- Cousin
Aerilyn Ampner - (f) 28
- Cousin
Roel Ampner - (m) 18
- Much younger brother; sickly

Badge: A star of five arrows, points innermost
- lots of investments, not really focused in any form of trade/business
Dunstan Balathorp (head of family) - (m) 42
- Big patron of bards and poets; tends to set trends and fashions; very devoted follower of Aasterinian

- Seems at times almost a parody of the dandified noble
- Many look upon him with amusement and/or contempt
- No heirs or other family members (but keeps a 'coterie' of bards and poets, almost all female)

Badge: An upright black oak leaf
- Own a huge plot of land outside city; their servants as well as their men-at-arms are all are ex-solders; vast majority are ‘retirees’ with at least 8 years solid soldier experience. Lands were almost all wiped and destroyed out during the last set of wars and the conflicts as well as a few natural disasters. They are still slowly repairing their lands and properties. They stay in the city for the most part.
- Decent sized mansion in city. Well maintained and is fairly opulent & ostentatious for most part. When entertaining close friends or respected guests, they move to section that is more reserved. The gaudy sections are seldom used at all unless throwing a party or revel which is relatively rare.
- Struggling financially due to rebuilding costs. They are barely breaking even with paying their people and just maintaining things. They have _a lot_ of political power due to their positions but have yet to abuse it for personal gain which doesn’t help. Their financial status is an open secret. Mainly using their influence to fend off aggressors and not abusing/using it to get what they want.
- They are trying to gather enough money to start using the lands for variety of ways (renting, farming, grazing, hunting) but it is slow going.
Charles Fredrick LaVerne Blacktree IV - (m; A) 41
- Grew up vain, foolish, lazy and irresponsible fop who loved wine, women and idle pranks. He was the stereotypical rich boy womanizing fop.
- During Plague, rose to challenge of rallying people and keeping things together; well-liked & respected; excellent administrator.
- During recent past, now that things had settled, he has felt more useless and lax. With the emergence of the King and the massive changes afoot, he is revitalized.
- His entire family, except him, all died in the Plague. He is the last of his line. He lived alone and was so focused on work, it was unlikely he’d ever get married until Katherine took an interest in him for some reason.
Katherine Marie Moorland-Blacktree - (f; VB) 38
- Newly married; very beautiful and brilliant; physically fit; good fighter as well
- Rumored to be seriously worried about Charles 'reverting'

Badge: A silver scaled dragon's claw, with four blood tipped talons uppermost, on a circle of purple
- Formerly a successful family of mercenary warriors; performed numerous duties for noble families and city officials in Avalon (as well as others) over last twenty year; were ennobled as a relatively painless way of repaying the debt several years ago
- Considered champions of rising merchant class; very well loved and like by those of lesser rank; though some fellow nobles dismiss them due to their recently becoming nobles
- Not very into politics or typical noble activities; tend to avoid functions
- Trying to expand into the armory trade as well as general transport to other areas using years of contacts
- All members taught how to fight/soldier (partly due to common sense and to not forget roots)
Osklavar Boldtalon (m; Handsome; head of family) - 48
- Balding; quiet-spoken; thin and agile; good dancer; mid 50's but still a favored escort by young ladies; wife (from Sothii) died 11 years ago
Elsmargh Boldtalon (m; A; heir) - 21
- Much like father; well-liked; reddish hair
- Has a head for numbers and is leading the family expansion in new business
Rhondeverra Boldtalon - (f, A) 20
- Long flame-red hair inherited from mother; Attractive
- Very outgoing & flirtatious
- Devote follower of Lillinara
Ilione Boldtalon - (f, A) 19 (Strawberry blond)
- Very intelligent; working on business as well
- Not too good at the martial stuff; but is knowledgeable in strategies and tactics
Vlandrath Boldtalon - (m) 18
- Sly & sarcastic; Rebel of the bunch and rumored to be involved in many intrigues; rusty red hair
Belrema Boldtalon - (f; A) 12
- Mage; An apprentice at the Mage's guild; Auburn hair;
Marargae Boldtalon - (f) 24
- Cousin; light brown hair
- Betrothed to Noldron Ampner; betrothal on hold due to Urgrave Ampner's death
Ninune Boldtalon - (f) 23
- Cousin
- Impetuous; Loves anything to do with the sea; hangs around down by the docks. Is pushing to work with merchant/marine.
Locklear Boldtalon - (m) 25
- Cousin
- Gentleman adventurer; Reputed to be rather good in the martial areas
- Well mannered and charming; attends revels and parties constantly before leaving for extended periods

Badge: A cluster of grapes hanging downwards
- Very snobbish, arrogant and rich; disdainful of those of lower class (merchants not included)
- While almost entire estate was destroyed during the war, they have made a complete recovery and their wineries are as good as ever (and they know it)
Vaerien Cathone - (m) 43
- Did some adventuring & soldiering in his youth; very overconfident; tends to stay on estate
- Not a people person; tends to be very blunt and grouchy
Raerevel Cathone - (f) 40
- Vaerien's sister; epitome of being a snobbish and arrogant noble
- Attends parties and such fairly regularly; big gossiper
- used to be attractive but has not aged well; kids are hers
Filmarn Cathone – (m) 22
Whitnam Cathone – (f) 20
Ecland Cathone – (m) 19
- all are typical arrogant noble kids

Badge: A face-on stag's head with flames leaping from its (six point) antlers
- lots & lots & lots of investments, extremely diversified with hands in TONS of pots
Amuinara Daradusk (head of family) - (f; VB) 43
- _Incredibly_ beautiful and knows it; highly intelligent; long brown hair w/ highlights; hazel eyes
- Very, Very, Very wealthy with lots of control & influence; trying to rival/surpass DeVillars
- Rumors of multiple assassinations attempts on her; several have been proven true; reason unknown
- big into political power plays, influence games and schemes
Shailmarra Daradusk - (f; VB) 19
- socialite & a lot like mother
Aerendra Daradusk - (f; VB) 17
- socialite & a lot like mother
Cathlea Daradusk - (f; VB) 15
- a lot like mother; not much of a socialite yet due to age but still does a little to ‘learn’
Relara Daradusk - (f; VB or will be) 12

Badge: A red feather (low dexter to high sinister) crossed over a small white shield
- VERY dark past; lots of infighting and death; after war, only 1 member of family still alive. Not known how or why she survived…accident or deliberate
Niune DeSheers - (f) 31
- Has put much of the family's estates (and they have LOTS of them) for sale and is currently entertaining suitors; Hired several of the best merchants to run the finances
- Largely retired to private life; most of the noble society tends to think of her as 'poor crazy Niune' and rumors circulate of her madness and wailing
- However, once in a while she will attend a revel; VERY beautiful, wasp-tongued, purringly flirtatious and with cold eyes of a 'waiting executioner'

Badge: A blue wave, curling up on the sinister, to encircle a single, eight-pointed golden star, all on a circle of white
- Considered to be the oldest, richest, and best of the noble houses; very powerful
- lots of investments, not really focused in any form of trade/business but owns numerous ones and shares of others
Lauren DeVillars (head of family) - (f) 53
- stately; extremely generous, kind and caring; maintains a lofty, dignified manor
- Incredibly well liked and loved by the city
- Almost certainly wields more economic clout than any other noble
- Rumored to use politics and economics, etc to change the city and its policies to more of how she thinks 'her' city should be
Suram DeVillars - (m) 30
- Paladin; country cousin
- Very uncomfortable with the revelry and trappings of nobility
- Very strict/stern; doesn’t bend or relax too much (especially in the city); prefers to be out and about
Marilene DeVillars - (f) 28
- Beautiful; second cousin to Lauren; was known for being a flirt and prominent figure in social circles
- Until recently (a couple months) was 3rd Circle Mage in Mage's Guild; she quit her post, left the city, & went into seclusion in country estate; reasons are unknown (but a scandalous rumor has it that she is in an 'interesting' condition and will return when that is no longer the case)
Raraerdo Moonspring - (m) 20
- Not actually a DeVillars; Is Lauren's nephew; a definite socialite; Handsome

Badge: An intricate, ornamental knot (in white cord, with the ends trailing away; the particular knot has changed over the years on the whim of Lord Emmerdin)
Eskevelt Eskeller Emmerdin (head of family) - (f) 43
- Lord Em or Esk to his friends
- Intelligent, understanding and far-seeing man; excellent planner
- Skilled investor & good merchant abilities
- Purchased the hereditary title for a huge sum many years ago
Syrune Emmerdin - (f) 18
- Has been the family bookkeeper for several years actually and is growing into a calm & firm administrator
- Not very outgoing
Almithara Emmerdin - (f; VB or will be) 13
Imrama Emmerdin - (f) 11
- Is a definite tomboy;
- Is the dismay of her governess and tutors though Eskevelt and his armsmen (who have rescued her on occasion) just smile

Badge: A brass bell in the shape of an hourglass
Ilmaera Flermeer - (f) 27
- Refuses to have any men, except aged servant in an of her homes/apartments when she is present; Has no friends or close acquaintances; Rotates the servant every months so no one gets too 'familiar' with her habits; Many issues come from her father who was NOT a nice man
- Regularly hires musicians to come and play (though she is usually in an adjoining room); Large numbers of song birds are maintained throughout her various residences
- Is apparently very intelligent and successful at business dealings
Jathdra Flermeer - (f) 21
- Younger sister; sickly and misshapen; almost never leaves her private room at the manor and is seldom seen by anyone including the servants

Badge: A hunting horn (curved, with mouthpiece to the lower dexter and the bell to the lower sinister)
- Are always impeccably dressed, quiet manner but quick witted; tend to avoid the various noble functions
- Heavily invested in textiles & clothing
Bremel Fleetwood - (m, A) 40
- Walks with a cane due to a wound from many years ago (inflicted by Carlton DeSheers); is an impressive figure despite his age; enjoy the fact that he looks rather piratical
Saprana Fleetwood - (f) 38
- Wife; 6 daughters though all have fathers looks (i.e. attractive, etc)
Jurleena Fleetwood - (f, A) 22
- Has hired an adventuring band as escorts and is 'seeing the world'
Illyth Fleetwood - (f, A) 21
- Same as older sister
Gondeene Fleetwood - (f; B) 18
Tlamaera Fleetwood - (f; B) 16
- both are socialite/fem-fatales
Raerdelune Fleetwood - (f; A) 15
- Very bookish & spends lot of time in library
Paerythe Fleetwood - (f; A) 14
- Spends a lot of time in temple; started training as Acolyte recently

Badge: A winged fish, upright and leaping upwards, trailing droplets of water
- Rather poor as noble families go; Family seems afflicted with wanderlust and need for adventure and exploring (especially on ships); few stay settled (and many don’t return…)
- Most tend to be somewhat no-nonsense & close mouthed except when talking about business or the sea (tend to be one in same as have major shipping interests)
Adelbaert Gultoss - (m) 29
Amadreil Gultoss - (f) 28
- Wife
Brelton Gultoss - (m) 13
Naekol Gultoss - (m) 11
Huehm Gultoss - (m) 27
- Adelbaert's brother;
- Fun-loving; enjoys dressing up, pranks, outrageous accents & comic orations

Badge: A staring reptilian eye, face-on, the slit-shaped pupil black with tiny scarlet flame leaping at its center, the rest gold
- Very wealthy; wealth rivals the Daradusk family (but with a lot less influence)
- Heavily invested in trade (mostly exotic/imported goods) as well as mining (relatively rare in Southlands as there are few good spots for it)
- Have a reputation as "great business folk, good hunters and superior folk who deserve their high status"
Korliannus Hawkdragon - (m) 41
Tishantra Hawkdragon - (f, A) 41
- Wife
Blortha Hawkdragon - (f) 61
- Aunt
Desreene Hawkdragon - (f) 60
- Aunt
Derrin Hawkdragon - (m, A) 21
- Heir; dark brown hair; brown eyes;
Baltheamus Hawkdragon - (m, A) 20
- Empathy
Roaryndel Hawkdragon - (m, H) 18
Flarathae Hawkdragon - (f; A) 16
Baundiliya Hawkdragon - (f; B) 15

Badge: A hawk's open talon, descending from the upper dexter, silhouetted across a slim silver crescent moon, its points to the dexter
- Fulfill the stereotype of the drawling, arrogant, unnecessarily monocled, flashily dressed, casually carefree noble
- Openly and frankly bored with politics, commerce, and "the grubby initiatives of the lower classes"
- Own lots of land in the city (which they rent out to business and the like); also own shares in some of the large trading companies
- Have good amount of lands in the country which is where they spend about half their time
- Both men and ladies love hunts; very good at it and they don't use dogs or servants to help (except to carry back the trophy)
- All are long-boned, slim and good-looking
Rhalidan Hawkynfleur (head of house) - (m) 48
Hesmeralda Hawkynfleur - (f, A) 47
- Wife
Lindalan Hawkynfleur - (m, H) 25
- Heir
Sarger Hawkynfleur - (m, H) 24
Shurune Hawkynfleur - (f; VB) 23
Delbrun Hawkynfleur - (m; H) 22
Athalae Hawkynfleur - (f; B) 21
Presger Hawkynfleur - (m; H) 20
Delbra Hawkynfleur - (f; B) 18
Imrin Hawkynfleur - (m; A) 17
- Excellent fencer

Badge: Three golden four-pointed stars, in a diagonal row from high dexter to low sinister
- Excellent investors; came into their money quietly and never drew much attention or gained the hauteur and splendid living that tends to define 'noble living'
- Seen as dull, drab and boring; do not attend revels, only ceremonies where nobles are 'on display'
- Firm friends with Lauren DeVillars and the Gultoss family
Malthulas Indemmer - (m) 38
- Quiet, somewhat nervous, not very social
- excellent head for numbers
Tierune Indemmer - (f) 36
- Wife; almost never seen in public though is reputed to be a delicate beauty
- quiet, ‘mousy’
Flymdrin Indemmer - (m) 16
- Heir; Notable that he once dressed up with a borrowed dress, clumsily applied makeup and delivered a full-voiced parody of a certain warbling noblewoman who believes she can sing (this happened at a very quiet serene gathering; and he was not under the influence of anything)
- Widely known for being completely nuts and goofy; think class clown with a huge budget and ability to go almost anywhere
- is highly intelligent; shows no interest in serious work
Rythindele Indemmer - (f) 14
Isbra Indemmer - (f) 11
- Daughters; only slightly less reclusive than the mother
Chelstryn Indemmer - (m)

Badge: The snarling head of a manticore, head-on
- One of the most arrogant and haughty noble families in Haven
- Reduced to pauper state almost thirty years ago, but rebuilt finances by a large number of shay deals, hard bargaining and money speculation
- Many nobles look down on them for being "cabbage farmers" though no one would say that within their hearing range; Family owns huge plots of land devoted to farming; supply majority of vegetables and 'grown' items to Cambria
- Are largest owners of farms & land; King's return (and making soil fertile) making them VERY wealthy
- Family is known to be rough and brutal; quick to draw offense and sword but slow to forgive even the slightest grudges; Rumored to have used various wars and battles to "settle some old scores" in the confusion of battle;
Augirt Leorduin - (m) 44
- Intelligent and cruel; Very good & knowledgeable about law, bargaining and legal loop-holes; rebuilt the family after financial ruin when he was in late teens;
Onchantra Leorduin - (f) 44
- Voluptuous and extremely ill-tempered; obviously loves her husband but shows no signs of even tiniest affections for anyone else
Rildonar - (m; A) 18
- heir; very physical & skilled fighter
Eldryn Leorduin - (m) 16
- the very model of his father
Imbron Leorduin - (m) 14
- Little known except that he is a creepy child with potential to be a mage if father allows him to join the guild
Milyth Leorduin - (f) 13
- 16; little known

Badge: A face-on, snarling golden lion's head (with long mane out flowing all around), above a stout and crenellated silver stone tower, on a circle of royal blue
- Provide the bulk of Haven's meat; recently expanding into herbs putting them at odds with the Leorduin
- Own significant plots of land
- Are quiet, unassuming and fair; Are well liked and loved by their people
Amandas Liontower - (m) 38
- Weather-worn, middle-aged man; always in the saddle trying to oversee everything on his large land
Meralde Liontower - (f, A) 37
- Wife; Humorous; reputed to be very good at games of strategy as well as archery
- Rumored to be non-human or some for of dark sorceress
Jerald Liontower - (m, H) 16
- Handsome; confident, humorous (but relatively quiet)
Nantclio Liontower - (f; A) 15
- reputed to be a competent rider and warrior
Aereven Liontower - (f; A) 14

Badge: The foreshortened prow of a white ship trimmed with gold, a dripping blue mermaid clinging to its bowsprit (which points to the upper dexter) on a field of green
- Newest hereditary lord; Recently managed to prove his descent from the Longbottles who were thought to have all died out over a century ago (2 years ago)
- No ancestral lands but own a nice mansion and have wealth roughly of a successful middle merchant; Major shipping interests
Calvin Longbottle - (m; H) 29
- Is Regent of the Harbor (ie Harbor Master)
- Is now one of the most enticing bachelors of the city (apparently to his dismay); a bit shy around woman
William Longbottle - (m) 27
- Brother;
Marina Longbottle - (f; A) 14
- William's daughter; reveling the recent and unexpected attention

Badge: A boar's head, couped at the neck facing sinister with jaws agape
- Family has teetered on the edge of obscurity for decades but refuses to disappear
- Family was almost completely broke but have repaid all outstanding debts; Mansion and estate buildings are fairly old and relatively plainly decorated; tend to be avoided by majority of nobility and rich merchants (and the MacIntyres don't seem to mind in the least)
- Several times a year, throw large party at the mansion (every 4 months or so), and with the help of every illusionist available, with a dungeon/adventuring/horror theme; They also rent out the mansion and estate to people (even to pretend they are nobles); Also, again with the help of the illusionist, the occasionally set up the places as dungeons and charge admission; It has become rather popular for nobles to 'Do the MacIntyre Mansion'
- Roughly 1/3 of the invitation sent out & guest are invited nobles (mostly to Counts and above). The rest actually ‘buy’ tickets which generally run about 15sp to 1gp. There is also a raffle given away by the mages guild for 5 tickets (each is for a pair of people) to normal populace (done two weeks in advance). Clothes and such are included. Tickets are often ‘scalped’ and can be rather valuable. Counterfeiting is almost impossible due to the mystic marks cast on the tickets.
- Makes them rather popular with the common man
Russel MacIntyre - (m, H) 23
- above avg build
- Magery 2
- Is friends with a surprising number of the more powerful people in Haven
- Has reputation for being quiet, incorruptible; has a pervasive but subtle humor
Dara MacIntyre - (f, B) 21
- above avg/decent build; agile
- Magery 1; though more physical then her brother
- something of a tomboy; doesn't get involved in politics unless no option

Badge: A brown upright lyre, upon a circle of gold ringed with vivid blue
- Lots and lots of cousins
- Tireless workers (they work in shops and have jobs like 'normal folk') with a large array of skills since they are so spread out and numerous
- Tend to buy run-down tenements, fix them up and then rent them out
Obelarth Minstrelwish - (m) 39
- 'head' of the family; maker of spectacles, spyglasses, etc;
Kassandra Minstrelwish - (f) 35
- 'heir'; (recently married Harold Pierre, proprietor of the Crescent Moon Inn)
Noblar Minstrelwish - (m) 31
Nundle Minstrelwish - (m) 30
- Pair of wisecracking, agile, sarcastic, (and always dirty) that are plumbers and sewer workers

Badge: A needle-blade (stiletto) dagger, (point to low sinister) surrounded by an irregular cluster of nine many-pointed blue-white 'winking' (some bright, some dim) stars
- Old family but always considered fairly minor with minimal influence; they could care less
- Avid explorers and cartographers (this has of course led to many of this family to never return alive)
Riol Moonbrace - (m) 46
- Nominal head of the family; ex-adventurer (ex because his sister has literally broken his legs enough times that he no longer goes)
Lultara Moonbrace - (f) 48
- Wife; married in
Emmera Moonbrace - (f) 56
- Sister; Average appearance; formidable 3rd Circle Mage despite failing health; actual head of the family
Rathdan Moonbrace - (m) 24
Beldar Moonbrace - (m) 23
Mrakan Moonbrace - (m) 21
Erol Moonbrace - (m) 20
- All these boys are accomplished (to one degree or another) fighters & soldiers; usually out somewhere
Dimrae Moonbrace - (f) 13
Habranta Moonbrace - (f) 12
- Mages; These 2 daughters are learning magic as fast as Emmera can teach them

Badge: A white crescent moon, horns uppermost and with six small silver droplets falling from its curve, on a purple-black circle
- Older members are all gone; the remainders are fairly young; they are all mages to some degree, all a trifle arrogant
- All are rather skilled at making musical instruments as well as carvings made from bones, horns, etc
Erendriel Moonglow - (m) 25
- Head; Archer of great skill (18?); Handsome; Pale blue eyes; agile; decent build; Magery 1
Belinda Moonglow - (f) 23
- Beautiful; 3rd Circle at the Mage's Guild
Muerlara Moonglow - (f) 20
- Beautiful; Magery 1; A musician of great skill on wide variety of instruments
Nambra Moonglow - (f) 19
- Beautiful; 2rd Circle at Mage's Guild
Nieven Moonglow - (m) 15
- Handsome; Magery 1; decent build; agile; hot-headed; (chief accomplishments seem to be impressive acrobatic escapes from the brawls he's started)

Badge: Three white stars in a horizontal row in a silver night sky above two bare gray hills with the black silhouette of an upright sword driven into the ground, point first, in the foreground
- One of the founding families; history of stewardship of the land and being adept at reconciling opposing factions rather than be leaders themselves
- Majority of family wiped out during the war; remainder are sister and are very close; all rather beautiful, have flame-red hair and deep green eyes
- Currently looking for adventurers to permanently take up residence on their lands to protect and guard it
- Lots of investments; some land ownership (but is cultivated with Manors on them)
Katherine Marie Moorland-Blacktree - (f) 38
- 'Head'; recently married to Charles Blacktree; very popular with people and nobles alike;
- Newly married (year or so); very beautiful and brilliant
- See Blacktree name
Dhannas Moorland - (f) 21
- These two younger sisters are good friends with the MacIntyres; spend a lot of time w/ them

Badge: An upright silver double-bladed axe on a crimson circle
- Known for their quiet, calm, noble hauteur and inflexible views on social change and 'rightful place' of merchants and common laborers (oddly enough, adventurers are exempt from this)
- Work hard and play hard; hosting many exclusive (and expensive) revels
Transtible Norwood - (m) 43
- Head; known to be a bit slow-witted but with an excellent memory for little details and facts (makes him perfect for managing their many business accounts)
Penelope Norwood - (m) 44
- Wife; Attractive; 2rd circle Mage at guild;
Jethrar Norwood - (m) 20
Laeremar Norwood - (m) 18
- Two older sons; Both Handsome; shown no real interest in anything and apparently have no interest or ability to handle family finances; (Rumored that Penelope is looking for wives for the two of them to keep them from ruining the family finances when she is no longer around); both Handsome
Stelma Norwood - (f) 16
- Youngest daughter; inherited father's knack for the business and accounts

Badge: A triangle (equal sides, points to the top) of three yellow way-rayed runs
- Family was stripped of most of wealth and lands when the head of the family and his sons switched sides during rebellion against Bren; are only family that managed to keep anything; the family is little more than titled shopkeepers now
Paerlindra Paerindon - (f) 47
- 'Head'; is a shattered woman since the death and betrayal of her husband and son
Vilyburt Paerindon - (m) 20
- Eldest son; withdrawn into own reality of pleasant day-dreams; heavy drug use
Bethenten Paerindon - (f, A) 19
- Moderately attractive & very intelligent daughter; has become a major spinner of intrigues and deceit; Goal is to regain the respect the family once had (some say at almost any cost)
Sheareida Paerindon - (f) 17
- Youngest daughter; strong and determined personality; Has gotten very good with a sword; Plans on gathering group of adventurers and seeking out a dragon to kill and regain her family's glory

Badge: Three drops of crimson blood, in a horizontal row, upon a shield-shaped background of white
- Heavily invested in armor and weapon making
- Tend to be at odds with Boldtalon as they are expanding into their business
Faurel Palraedinor - (m) 49
- Head; sits around telling war stories of the war; spent most of youth as wandering soldier
Khobronta Palraedinor - (f) 48
- Wife; Always exasperated and annoyed at husband and son
Oblaedin Palraedinor - (m) 24
- Son; Spitting image of father, including sitting around telling war stories
Taerimel Palraedinor - (f) 23
- Oldest daughter; Impish nature; Very bored with family
- Her and her mother are actually handling the business & money
Joaloana Palraedinor - (f) 18
Drispea Palraedinor - (f) 16
- Two younger daughters that are absolutely fascinated by 'war heroes' & enamored w/ soldiers, adventurers, stories & such

Badge: a clenched human fist (right), rising out of the cut center if an old, large brown tree stump
- All Quelemters have distinctive snow-white hair (besides the ones listed there are some two dozen aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and the like but they tend to wander to other lands)
- Family is rather inbred; while considered slightly crazy they do tend to be very intelligent
- Family is more than slightly odd; often keep dangerous monsters as pet, engaging in dangerous hobbies; constantly hire adventurers for one thing or another ("that's what they're there for")
Bahronstavel Quelemter (head of family) - (m) 49
Faeleena Quelemter (wife) - (f) 45
- Beautiful; Reputed to have an eye out for any male that passes within arm's reach, preferable all at same time
Aervaun Quelemter - (m) 22
- Eldest son; Noted for riding at breakneck speed across the country-side; while this has killed several horses, he has survived with minimal injuries; Handsome; arrogant but adventurous
Shauntene Quelemter - (f) 20
- Daughter; considered to be a witty temptress
Amantindra Quelemter - (f) 14

Badge: A raven flying, black wings spread and talons clutching a silver fish, on a circle of gold
- Family (and it used to number in the thirties) was almost entirely wiped out during war; All (and there were considerable) estates were ruined and all but 3 servants and workers were killed
- Are plans to turn the family lands into large estate farms (vehemently opposed by the Leorduins), which would help restore families' finances; (Ardent is last real survivor, if anything happens to him, family will most likely fade away)
- Currently are guest of Lauren DeVillars
Ardent Raphiel - (m) 35
- 31; Lacks the typical arrogance of nobility; very down to earth
- has little to do with revels; focused on protecting his nieces and making contacts/investments to create the farms and such
Erenda Raphiel - (f) 10
Cliothene Raphiel - (f) 9
Paerle Raphiel - (f) 8
- These are Ardent's nieces (he is very protective)

Badge: An open book, in flames
- invested in paper and books as well as carpentry and woodworking businesses
- Family was beset by numerous ‘accidents’ and odd circumstances that wiped out majority of family
Sephton Skyhawk - (m) 17
Rapheira Skyhawk - (f) 16
- Both have recently (but slowly) rejoined the various social gatherings (only the less rambunctious ones)
- Both are intelligent; say little and choose their words carefully;

Badge: A green leaf upon a circle of sky blue
- Arrived several hundred years ago; appeared to be fleeing something but have never spoken of it
- Family (except for 2 youngest) are fine sculptors and carvers
Amaether Sinaran - (m) 54
Jhavasspeira Sinaran - (f) 52
- Husband and wife; Have eight children (a rather large number) though it is rare for all eight to be in the city at any time
Delshandra Sinaran - (f) 50
- Amaether's sister-in-law (brother is dead); Avg appearance (was Attractive); 2nd Circle Mage at the Mage's Guild as well also known as skilled diplomat
Emlaer Sinaran - (m; A) 25
Imbrel Sinaran - (m; A) 24
- sculpters
Ilithma Sinaran - (f; B) 22
Aeone Sinaran - (f; B) 22
- identical twins; enjoy playing typical jokes; socialites
Amaerst Sinaran - (m; A) 20
Sarraunda Sinaran - (f; A) 19
- wood carvers
Raherael Sinaran - (m; A) 18
- Falcon tamer and sometime adventurer who teaches others in rock-climbing, falconry, and swordplay
Silva Sinaran - (f; A) 17

Badge: A leaping stag with a saddle on its back, on a field of emerald green (the pose and facing of the stag tend to change quite often)
- A very influential family with a reputation of being levelheaded, far-sighted and dispassionate (well respected and listened to)
- Business is in lumber, quarries and stone cutting
Preilock Taldavar - (m) 51
- Head; Serious man with a humorless reputation; known for continually going over legislation and such, making suggestions on ways to improve things for the city
Vaevrem Taldavar - (f) 45
- Wife; Beautiful (was Very Beautiful); has 4 daughters
Thaelver Taldavar - (m) 44
Emmark Taldavar - (m) 42
Phoraul Taldavar - (m) 38
- Preilock's three unmarried brothers; run the family business (quarries, lumber, stone cutting)
Belevreena Taldavar - (f) 20
Hamathra Taldavar - (f) 19
Brethna Taldavar - (f) 18
Lorimel Taldavar - (f; VB) 17
- All are cool, golden haired beauties; Seem to enjoy revelry and dancing
- Rumored to be looking for men (i.e. husbands-to-be) that they can trust and to take their name; looking more towards commoners than nobility

Badge: A crossed golden key (head to lower dexter) and silver sword (hilt to lower sinister) on a white circle
- Family has always been disciplined military commanders and monster-hunters
Koran Therogeon - (m) 47
- Head; In command of the Guard for Avalon; directly responsible for all troops and fortifications within city itself; Dedicated military man (got military position by working his way through the ranks even though should have been officers to start due to status); Well liked by his troops; Highly respected
- between significant military duties and a constant training regimen, he has almost no free time; (His one failure is that he is and was a poor parent; his family still loves him even if they hardly ever see him)
Ambara Therogeon - (f) 44
- Wife; Immersed herself in maintaining the estates, servants and her beloved gardens
Basaltheus Therogeon - (m)
- Grandfather to Koran (EXTREMELY old; estimates on age are vague); while not in the best health and an invalid, enjoys playing the family curmudgeon; (He apparently has filled the role of 'father figure')
Ossan Therogeon - (m) 21
- have joined the King's army; rank: captain: going to be cavalry; handsome; Confident; Says little though will ask questions at appropriate points
Maertan Therogeon - (m) 20
- have joined the King's army; rank: captain: heavy infantry; handsome; 6' 2”; strong
Saltheus Therogeon - (m) 19
- have joined the King's army; rank: captain: assigned to ship; handsome; agile
Daereedrim Therogeon - (f) 18
Mororna Therogeon - (f) 18
- Koran's daughters (not twins however); Both write sultry novels (rumored to be based on their own romantic exploits) that regularly sell out; some have been adapted for performances at the theatre (and have done very well)
- Also known to perform duets (one is a harpist and the other a expert at the songhorn) and chase eligible young noblemen in a thoroughly romantic and reckless way
Foraeven Therogeon - (m) 16
- Koran's youngest son; Has a rebellious streak; Has refused to join the army (probably figuring the shoes are too big to fill); Father (after some prodding by great-grandfather) has agreed to sponsor him as an adventurer or mercenary captain; Foraeven is smart enough to know he can't do it alone and is currently looking for some capable companions as henchmen and future officers

Badge: An upright human right hand (sometimes in black silhouette) with fingers and thumb spread and an irregular white star or spark floating above each fingertip, on a circle of royal blue
- investments in trade and such
- seen more often than not is a good negotiator and diplomat
Amber Lynn Thoden - (f) 35
- Well liked and loved by people; Has no close friends, suitor or escort; always reserved; Sometimes seen as a younger Lauren DeVillars

Badge: A right-hand gauntlet, fingers spread and reaching to the upper sinister lined in gray on a scarlet field
- Always been followers and not leaders; Owe noble status to backing the right people at the right times
- Never had much influence or prominence in anything and don't seem to ever want to stand in the forefront
Gharaen Velgath - (m) 44
- Head; rumored to have begun setting up mistresses in various parts of the city
Phaerilla Velgath - (f) 43
- Wife; When her two eldest sons died in the wars, she took to her bed and hasn't left her room since (roughly 10 years)
Esmer Velgath - (m) 20
- Initially had shut down after brothers' death; recently has gotten 'new life' in the family horse breeding; talks about little else
Shildra Velgath - (f) 18
- Turned introspective and has begun to seek solace in religion; Has yet to decide on one but has visited almost all temples

Badge: A black, long-clawed-toes upright paw print of a bear, on a white circle
- Books & Scrolls; Deal a lot in information as well as finances
- Recently acquired an 'printing press invention'; in next few month will start to produce a weekly paper; Tend to print whatever they wish; Things that aren't facts are stated as such but this practice will almost certainly earn them more than a few threats
Thoront Yarvandar - (m) 43
Baelmaera Yarvandar - (f) 43
- Husband and wife; tall and striking couple; He is going gray but is still strong and imposing; Her dark-eyed and buxom beauty seems untouched by age (rumors abound now of how dark magics have kept her that way); Have 3 sons and 2 daughters
Astiger Yarvandar - (m; H) 18
Emmelt Yarvandar - (m; A) 17
Emjhelia Yarvandar - (f; B) 15
- All are tall, thin and graceful; Seldom go unarmed; Astiger and Emmelt have fought duels with young bucks that questioned them too rudely (and showed they were competent with their swords)
Dreir Yarvandar - (m; A) 14
- Magery 2; very intelligent/bookish; spends lot of time at Guild; knows Jorltak pretty well
Lamuthra Yarvandar - (f; A) 13

Badge: A silver anchor, touched at its top by a red lightning bolt zigzagging from the upper dexter, on a blue circle
- Always been involved in fishing and shipping;
- have been many unsubstantiated rumors about smuggling & connections w/ pirates
Naurostor Zorden - (m) 44
- Head
Everdeira Zorden - (f) 43
- Wife
Maelkhom Zorden - (m) 22
Neveira Zorden - (m) 20
Nornmael Zorden - (f) 18
Lalrauvene Zorden - (f) 16