Nonalcoholic Drinks

Apple Juice – Apple juice is cider that has been clarified to remove the impurities and enhance the sweet flavor. Unlike cloudy brown cider, apple juice is a clear yellow.

Black Tea – Tea that has been allowed to fully oxidize before drying. It makes a strong dark tea with a rosy aroma.

Cappuccino – A dark roast coffee mixed with frothed cream and sugar and very

Chamomile Tea – An herbal tea made from chamomile, an herb known to relax the

Chai Tea – Tea flavored with spicy chai seasonings. Often served with milk.

Chicha de jora and chica morada - An alcoholic beverege derived from maize, made through a similar process to beer. It is traditionally prepared from yellow maize and is usually referred to as chicha de jora. It has a pale straw color, a slightly milky appearance, and a slightly sour aftertaste, reminiscent of hard apple cider. It is drunk either young and sweet or mature and strong. It contains only a slight amount of alcohol. Chicha morada is not fermented and non-alcoholic. It is usually made of ears of purple maize which are boiled with pineapple rinds, cinnamon, and cloves.

Cider – The juice of pressed apples; it is sweet and has a brown color.

Cocoa – Milk that has had ground milled cocoa beans added to give it a chocolate flavor.

Coffee – A bitter, black liquid made by passing hot water through ground coffee beans. It is known to wake a person up and is usually drunk in the morning.

Cranberry Juice – A tart juice squeezed from cranberries. Usually gathered from local bogs.

Espresso – A dark roast bitter blend of coffee served in small shots.

Grape Juice – The juice of pressed grapes; it is sweet and crisp.

Grapefruit Juice – The bitter pink juice of the citrus grapefruit. It is a crisp, tart drink.

Green Tea – A tea that has been only slightly oxidized and has a light yellow-green color and grassy overtones to its flavor.

Iced Tea – Black tea served cold over ice, usually with sugar and lemon.

Lassi - Yogurt-based drink mixed with water or milk and various spices, such as ginger, cumin, turmeric, almonds, cinnamon, coriander, and similar spices. Can also be served sweet by mixing the yogurt with sugar, honey, and fruit instead of spices. Lassi is typically served chilled as a hot weather refreshment with a thin layer of clotted cream on top, often at lunch.

Lemonade – A mix of lemon juice, sugar/honey and water. Priced as for fruit juices.

Limeade – A mix of lime juice, sugar/honey and water. This mix is often drunk by sailors to prevent scurvy. Priced as for fruit juices.

Milk – The liquid produced by mother animals to feed their young. Goats’ and cows’ milk are also gathered by people to drink, as is the milk of sheep and horses on occasion. The milk of catoblepas is also available, though this is much more expensive, due to the danger involved in collecting it, and the flavor is not much different from that of goat's milk, albeit with a stronger aftertaste that is quite unique, which some absolutely adore, and others cannot stand. The milk of slaves is also available for purchase, milked at one's table or at the bar, as desired; most slaves find this humiliating and require additional restraint, hence the greater price, despite its ease of availability.

Orange Juice – The extracted pulpy juice of the orange citrus plant. The juice is usually sweet in flavor with an acidic aftertaste.

Water – Clear or cloudy fresh water is essential for life. It is provided free of charge in most places, though it will get one strange looks and occasional insults when ordered in some bars and saloons.

White Tea – Tea that has not oxidized; white tea has a light crisp flavor.