Less a country, per se, and more of an organized tribal region, Northermost is the tribal-dominated region along the northwestern side of the Kudurru Range, especially centering on the lush forests of Northwood. The actaeons and wolfen of this region had long been ancestral enemies (and still practice ritual raiding of each other, though less so in the more civilized regions), but gradually they came to realize that the goblinoids to the north were a far more dangerous common foe, and these groups began to ally themselves together, with elves acting as intermediaries in this diplomatic exchange. Several cities sprang up over time as places of trade and unity, and while there are sometimes scuffles between the races, they are nevertheless fairly safe places, bastions of civilization and warmth in the midst of the freezing lands of the north.

Major Races: Beastfolk (actaeons and wolfen especially, with a significant ovida minority), elves, humans, halflings.

Government: Tribal Monarchy.

Nation Alignment: Neutral Good.

Major Cities:
Da'ni: The capital of Northermost, and considered by most on Therafim to be the de facto capital of the actaeon and wolfen peoples, Da'ni is ruled by the actaeon Great Prince, and by the wolfen Alpha Chief (both titles held by males), who spend time in council together with their (primarily female) advisors and mates. Only the wolfen have a title for this female role, the Alpha Chieftess, who is roughly equal to the Alpha Chief in authority to make decisions, Among the actaeon, females become advisors based on their demonstrated wisdom over the passing years, most of them being females past childbearing age, though there are a few of younger ages who have demonstrated their wisdom. All of the inheritors of these titles are chosen from the very strongest, smartest, and wisest children of each race, as determined by the visions of the tribal shamans and by several demanding tests that all chilren of actaeon and wolfen heritage must pass through. It is generally expected that the children of noble families of both races should be raised together, so that they get to become friends, and as they grow up they will pair off, and eventually take the tests of proving in these male-bonded pairs, with an occasional third, female member (an Alpha Chieftess candidate) joining the testing as well, and often receiving guidance from female actaeons who are likely future advisors and mates of the Great Prince. Thus, when the rulers of the Northermost nation are decided, they have almost always formed a strong attachment to and trust for each other (which is known to often include a romantic attachment), allowing them to work together quite well in making decisions for their peoples.

Da'ni is a city built by the sea, on the far north of the Northwoods, not far from the North Gulf, dividing Summer Country from Rimevast. In this icy port city, its extensive fortifications a combination of both elven and imported dwarven design and architecture, which seems almost to blend right into the hills and forests around it as a natural part of the scenery. A great deal of fishing takes place here, providing a steady source of food, and trading and raiding ships and parties also set out from here regularly, keeping up ties with other lands, and keeping the goblinoids to the north and Lichthamner to the east constantly busy by sea as well as land.

Neversweat: One of the warmest cities in Northermost, Neversweat is a cool but temperate city built by the warmer waters of the west sea, across from the continent of Crescent. Known for having a very high amount of rain, Neversweat produces a wide variety of crops at various times of year - almost anything that can withstand the occasional chilly fronts that come through can be grown here. There is a substantial ovida population that live here, though they tend to be wary of the wolfen, preferring the company of the actaeons, and many halflings have left off their normally nomadic ways to settle down here in relative comfort.

Argus: The Watch City, Argus is built into the hills of the Kudurru Range, and acts as both a fortified city against orc raids from the Kirsing Mountains to the south (which are quite frequent), and also as a trade and defensive city with the Underdark, especially with the dwarves of Deepforge.