Of Books and Bookworms Part 1

Of Books and Bookworms (Part 1)


Shyrindi, 2, Beastfolk, Druid
Krugash, 2, Gray Orc, Druid
Liliana, 1, Human, Psion
Jenner, 1, Wolfen, Barbarian
Silya, 3, Human, Knight
Sy, 1, Beastfolk, Rogue


Encounter 1 EL 6
12 x Tiny, Animated Objects (CR 1)
Encounter 2 EL 6
5 x Small, Animated Objects (CR 1)
1 x Medium, Animated Objects (CR 2)


950 exp each.


1,000 gold each.

Quest Summary:

Rosaline Clarkstone had finally convinced the council to allow her to hire a crew to rebuild only to find out that the library is haunted and required purging of it's new denizens before it could be rebuilt. So she set out to hire some adventurers to do just that.

The party was hired to investigate the "Haunting" of the great library, upon inspection the party was accosted by flying books. After that fight had concluded they were then assaulted by onery furniture… they weren't joking around when they built this library… but they were left only with more questions as to what caused the magics defending the library to go awry and assault the good denizens of Avalon.

(To be continued in Part 2)