Of Books And Bookworms Part 2

Of Books and Bookworms, Part 2


  • Kaellack, Human Level 6, Rogue1/Swordsage5
  • Crank, Warforged Level 7, Monk7
  • Ariara, Elf Level 7, Scout3/Ranger4
  • Olivia, Changeling Level 10, Psion7/Uncarnate3


  • Encounter 1: EL10
    • 2 Shadows, Greater CR8 Each
    • Special Trap, Lights & Plates Connected to Monsters CR = Summoned Monsters
  • Encounter 2: EL9
    • 2x Animated Object, Huge CR5 Each
    • Animated Object, Gargantuan CR7


  • EXP
    • Kaellack - 2, 706 EXP (10% Bonus EXP for thinking outside the box)
    • Ariara & Crank - 2,100 EXP
    • Olivia - 1,000 EXP
  • GOLD
    • Other party members receive 3,100 gold


Rosaline Clarkstone, the resident librarian in Arcadia who'd been displaced from the Library due to demon attacks and current the residency of the Library, enlisted the aid of two heroes she did not know and three friends she'd made in her short stay at Arcadia. The party arrived and found entry to the second level quite simple with the keys they were given, unfortunately they happened to stumble upon a trap and the door shut and sealed itself preventing them from escape. Set upon by a shade the party quickly defended themselves in the cramped spiraling stairwell, figuring out the shade's secret… it was bound to the magically lit sconces! With that information in hand, the power of Tamar through her vassal Dahlia, and a certain robot's keen senses they managed to come through the encounter relatively unharmed. Once they arrived on the second floor they had become much more wary and were looking for things out of place around every corner, but the thin layer of dust that covered everything revealed that nothing had been moved in a few days… and that the statues that were supposed to be there had in fact been moved to the floor above. Once they made their way cautiously up the next staircase, they were set upon by the statues of the Library's founder and his two hounds…. only Olivia knew them by sight and description, and though she shared the information, nobody seemed to pay much attention as they prepared for a gruesome battle. After a short minute of fighting the founder and his hounds were reduced to dust and rubble at which point the party discovered that they were indeed trapped… though unknown to the party, Olivia had a means of communication with Rosaline. TO BE CONTINUED…..

Upon starting this quest, these players were locked from purchasing new equipment, Role Play with the outside world, and other Quests/Story Lines.