Of Books And Bookworms Part 3

Of Books and Bookworms, Part 3


  • Kaellack, Human Level 7, Rogue1/Swordsage6
  • Crank, Warforged Level 7, Monk7
  • Ariara, Elf Level 7, Scout3/Ranger4
  • Olivia, Changeling Level 10, Psion7/Uncarnate3


  • Encounter 1: EL10
    • 6x Shadow Mastiff CR5 Each
  • Encounter 2: EL11
    • 2x Nessian Warhound CR9 Each
  • Encounter 3: EL11
    • 3x +3HD, Elite Array; Half Dragon Imp CR8 Each


  • EXP
    • Ariara, Crank, and Kaellack - 4,830 XP
    • Olivia - 2,300 XP
  • GOLD
    • Other party members receive 10,400 gold.


After an uneventful period of rest, the party awoke refreshed and partook in a shared meal before continuing on. Once on the next floor they were set upon by six Shadow Mastiff who were not quite as effective as they are made out to be in night time horror stories… though they did manage to greatly injure Kuu, Ariara's pet fox. This obviously annoyed Kaellack at some deeper level, or perhaps it was just the blackened brain matter Olivia had gotten on him… but his rage flared out in the maneuver intended for just one target instead slaying three with no more than the pointing of his finger. After mopping up the remnants of the shadow mastiff, the party found themselves engaged with two Nessian Warhounds who began combat by setting the book cases nearest to them aflame. After only a scarce few moments, Kael had eliminated one of them while the rest of the party set their talents upon the second. Charged up with the adrenaline of such a quick and dangerous battle the party continued on to the sixth floor where they were set upon by three half dragon imps. The battle though relatively short was difficult for those who depended upon the martial arts to deal with their foes, for the imp's were as skilled if not more so than the party. Olivia however found that they were powerless to her art, condemning one to the fate of Lavistus himself only to shatter its tomb in the same instant, she then turned her vicious talent upon a second one, bursting his head with no more than mere thought. By the time she was ready to assail the final of the three imps, the rest of the party had already prevailed against it. After that had been resolved they stormed the stairs to the seventh floor to rest under the protection Rosaline Clarkstone had somehow managed to set up for the party. TO BE CONTINUED…..

In the previous quest, these players were locked from purchasing new equipment, Role Play with the outside world, and other Quests/Story Lines. The lock was maintained during this quest.