Oh, Luna!

Oh, Luna!

DM Name: King_Jack (RedbearDM)

Abby: Halfling, Psion 5, Crystal Master 1
Dahlia: Human Paladin 7
Galen: Human, Monk 5, Drunken Master 2
Gauron: Beastfolk, Fighter 6
Stray: Human, Cleric 6

4 Bearded Devils
Web Golem
Gloom Golem
Extensive RP and Character Development

Experience Gained!:
Abby: 7,500
Dahlia: 5,200
Galen: 5,200
Gauron: 7,500
Stray: 7,500

Treasure Awarded!:
Abby: Psychokinetic Skin of the Celestial, Brooch of Stability.
Dahlia: The Sword "Soulfire", Brooch of Stability.
Galen: Sandals of Light Step, Bracers of Blinding Strike, Brooch of Stability.
Gauron: Storm Gauntlets, Brooch of Stability.
Stray: The Axe "Halfang", Brooch of Stabilty
3,000 gold pieces each.

Quest Summary:
During the night, as the heroes lay sleeping, terrible omens and portents were revealed in the night sky. The pale moon was adorned in a silvery spider's web, and began to drip with dark blood, as if beaten. The stars re-arranged to become a Dragon and Great Wolf that threatened the evil moon. As thirteen innocents were dragged from their beds, and beaten to death with clubs by rough hands and blacker hearts, and wizards twitched and moaned against terrible divinations our champions were each visited by a vision. For some a Silvery Dragon, her head bowed in sorrow. For others a great white wolf, savage and angry.

As one they awoke in their beds and hollows. As one they made their way to a secret clearing in the nearby forest. A clear pure pool of water before them. Ringed in large raw chunks of silver ore, and turquoise stone. As the party gathered in awe, a second vision. A powerful stag and doe entered the clearing. The stag infested an bedeviled by tiny spiders, their webs dripping from his eyes, mouth, and nostrils. The doe beaten and severely injured, as if she had been beaten by cruel clubs. Shocked and appalled, the group moved to investigate and aid, but were rebuffed as a third vision occurred. In a powerful blast of air and light, avatars of the Great Fenris and Merciful Tamara. Tamara approached, and with a gentle kiss, cured and killed the suffering stag. As she did, the doe approached and collapsed at the feet of the glowering Fenris. In a moment of mercy the wolf god dipped his head and gently broke the neck of the suffering creature between his mighty jaws.

As Abby shared the divine mandate given to her through her psi-crystal, the avatars two approached the pool and melded together to become a column of silvery coruscating light. The heroes conferred amongst themselves, then stepped into the moon bridge and were transported. Along the way they enjoyed a spectacular view of the land below, and a haunting and terrible view of the moon above. Covered in a veil of rotting cobweb and dripping with dark wounds, as if alive and beaten. Inside they arrived in a tiny cavern, the anchoring pool here sticky, and fouled by the evil presence and works of Lolth and the Dark One. The party girded itself for battle with blades, blessings, and affirmations and set forward. Following a narrow tunnel to a secret door, the party burst in upon the devilish guards that stood sentinel against entrance to the vault beyond. A pitched battle ensued, the Bearded Devils giving the heroes terrible wounds and receiving blows in kind. At first the scabarous foes seemed implaccable, but after judicious uses of divine power and blood spilled the party stood victorious.

Taking time to pray fervently for guidance and victory, the champions were shocked and awed when the powers above manifested a miracle. Five seamless ivory chests appeared, each adorned with a symbol tied to each of the Heroes. Touching the symbols all together melted the ivory of the chests, leaving divine gifts and the symbol in brooch form. The great and terrible vault doors spewed dust and displaced air as they unlocked loudly along with the revelation of the chests. Steeling their spirits and hearts, the party traveled the tunnel beyond and came to a large cavern. Above, countless spiders spun webs, mated, and devoured each other in a frenzied chaos of half-heard chitinous whisper, At their feet the cavern floor was carpeted in an incredible patina of bloody footprints. At the center of the room, a wooden table bearing a fel crystal connected two enormous sarcophagus at either end of the cavern with ribbons of twisting black energy.

Knowing their goal to be righteous, the Paladin Dahlia smashed the crystal. Instantly the twin sarcophagi ruptured and exploded to flinders revealing the dastardly prototypes for the invasion force of Lolth and the Dark One! Bloody, brutal combat ensued as the golem charged the huddled group of heroes. As Galen worked his astounding martial arts to keep a stream of minor devils from entering the chamber, Gauron, Dahlia, Stray, and fearless Abby pulled out every trick and technique in there repertoire to do war on, and finally emerge triumphant over the dastardly animate constructs of darkness, madness, and spider-perversion. With the defeat of the golem, the evil presence and power lost its tenuous foothold and was banished back to the howling depths from whence it came. The champions wearily congratulated each other and returned home to Avalon. A city ignorant of the great service done by the five saviours in its honor that bloody and ill-omened night.