Oh Rats!

Colt, Level 3 Beastfolk Fighter
Dahlia, Level 4 Human Paladin
Kaotaka, Level 3 Beastfolk Swordsage 2/Barbarian 1
Gauron, Fighter2, Wolfen Beastfolk
Abby, 2, Halfling, Psion

Encounter 1 (EL3)
1 Half Dragon Dire Rat (cr2)
3 Dire rats (cr 1/3 each)

Encounter 2 (el1)
Razor-Wire across Hallway

Encounter 3 (el4)
1 ratkin ranger/rogue (cr3)
3 dire rats (cr1/3 each)

480exp each for Colt, Gauron, Kaotaka and Abby
460 for Dahlia

720gp per person

Hired by the poor of Avalon, who had been having an ongoing rat problem, our heros entered a sewer access to find a den of dire rats that had taken up residence, ruled over by a rat king, a evil ratkin that used the creatures as pets to savage the occational human for food and money. The party quickly found themselves over their heads for a simple 'cleaing out the rats' mission, comign face to face with a horrible foe, a dire rat that seemed sired by a dragon. After recovering the group moved along, only to spring a trap and a carefully planned ambush, leving most of the melee heavy group unable to reach the foes as the ratling ranger, master of the sewer rats, took potshots with a bow. A long grueling battle followed in the narrow hall ending in the evenutal winning of our heros. The poor abused peasents were very grateful to the heros for sorting out the problem. The reward and gear sold and split amoung the five made them a tidy sum for such travil free work.