Old Man S Mansion

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Lilac Elding, level 1 foxkin psion
Miro Everglade, level 2 aasimar bard
Asta Brahms, level 3 catfolk swordsage (left early, partial rewards)
Jack, level 4 offworld human scout
Layla Merle, level 4 changeling wizard
Alexian, level 1 avariel duskblade

spiked stairs (CR 1)
bat swarm (CR 2)
fire-breathing gargoyle trap (CR 2)
3 chokers (CR 2 each, CR 5 total)
1 quasit (CR 2)

Jack and Layla: 740 xp for each
Lilac, Miro, and Alexian: 780 xp for each
Asta: 390 xp

1,110 gp for each (550 gp for Asta) in gems and reward money for recovered documents
1 cold iron club (a demon head-capped walking stick)
Silver daggers for anyone who does not take the club

Quest Summary:
The old man was a nasty one, and knew all sorts of terrible things about all sorts of people, making him feared as well as hated. But now he's dead, and his will told one and all that if they could get it from his house, they could take his wealth. Several tried, and several failed, however, with his familiar quasit resetting the traps afterward. In the end, however, the party braved the traps and other dangers, and came out on top, sending the nasty quasit back to the Abyss, and slaying whatever creatures dared to stand between them and their loot.