Old Man's Test

A few weeks ago, an old adventurer was helped by a small group of younger adventurers to retrieve an artifact from his past, so he may have some closure. Well, he was looking through is books once more in a fit of nostalgia, and happened upon an old test he remembered taking in his very beginning years of exploration. He has since put out a notice for any new or novice adventurers to meet him at his house in the early part of the morning. He wishes to see if the people of today have the abilities of the yesteryear.

The group met up at the old adventurer's house, and were told of the old temple-slash-training grounds. With a bit of a pep talk, or what have you, the group agreed to go, and were whisked away with a use of a scroll. They found themselves in an ancient building, surrounded by glowing runes of unknown origin. Upon meeting the Guardian of the Chambers, they found they only have one shot at this. If they fail, or give up, they will forever be prevented from completing the test ever again. Nonetheless, they agreed to the terms, and walked on in.

The first test was one of agility, and planning. A hallway of quick-swinging axes, along with a floor of retracting and extending spikes at set intervals. At the end of the hallway is a large heavy chain. After a bit of deliberations, they sent in Loki to get to the chain and pull. And so he did, gaining a slash to the calf along the way, but he found it to be much more difficult than it looked. Pulling the chain down, he managed to buy the group a bit of time to clear the hallway, but even when the girls made their way to the chain, it was not enough to prevent Gregory from gaining a spike or three to the foot.

After a few moments of rest, the room they were in shifted, leaving them in a massive perfectly rounded dome, about 100 ft in diameter on the floor, 50 ft to the ceiling. On the floor were four slabs of obsidian. They deliberated a bit more, giving the obsidian skeletons within the slabs to pull themselves out. One was elven, one dwarven, one humanish, and one with a very elongated skull. Loki took to the air, while Cerulean started to sing. Gregory nearly lost his hammer in the first blow, with Miro accompanying along with her own hammer. The battle was rather even, though Cerulean took some clothing damage, and Miro and Gregory taking a critical each. Miro's dress was obliterated, and Gregory's armor punctured (it's not ruined functionally, but it's not very good in terms of looks). Nonetheless, the party was victorious in the end. After a few moments of gathering themselves (and for the girls, their privacy), the group went down a small hallway that healed their wounds.

The next test involved outside thinking. This was figured out in moments thanks to a good shot of detect secret doors by Loki. The group found a secret passage next to a lethal looking hammer-swinging hallway. The final test, one of a riddle, was quickly foiled as well, thanks to some rather good batch of wits on the group.

They entered the final chamber to find a massive red orb waiting for them. After being instructed to place their hands on the orb, they did so, and received their prize. A quick couple of teleports, and the four were home, safe and relatively sound.

This is gonna be a Level 1-3 quest.

*Cerulean: Bard 2
*Miro: Bard 2
*Loki: Beguiler 2
*Gregor Serebry: Marshal 2

4 CR 1/3 Skeletons, 3 1/2 CR traps.

Everyone gained the following:
Exp: 213

Mark of the Initiated
A single rune of Draconic lineage, very ancient and impossible to decipher, superimposed upon the hand of their choice. This counts as a magic item for the hand slot. Once per day, the person with the Mark may add +2 to any skill or save roll, after the roll has been made. Until a full 24 hrs has passed, that person cannot use the Mark again under any circumstances.

Run by Hyuuint

XP Rewarded by Seren