Old Man's Wish

A old, retired adventurer has just returned to Avalon to live the remainder of his days in a house that he just purchased. However, he has an old ghost from his past that he wants to get rid of. Thus, he requires the help of 4-5 decent young adventurers. Those interested are to meet at his home, in the beginning of the evening (6 pm IC time)

The group met with the old adventurer, finding him both to be rather well off, and quite remorseful at his failed attempt to finish this quest in his youth. It had cost him his friend. Nonetheless, he sent the group out to about 4 miles west of the city where they were to find 4 oaks permanently red leaves. However, the place was said to open only at night.

Night fell, and the oaks revealed the way, moving from what should have been the places they were anchored to the ground in, twisting themselves, and forming an archway leading deep underground. There they found strange, glowing mushrooms, and soon enough a welcoming cavern with 3 paths to choose. Above the paths was a sign reading in Draconic: "Choose the path. Wisdom helps not here. Young or Old." They debated for a long while, before Damien took the initiative and started down the left path, the group then following. The group encountered a few slightly easily avoidable traps, though Hussam's robe got ripped by a barely-missed swinging axe trap, and Damien took a tumble into a pit filled with shallow acid.

When they finally made it to the main cavern, they found that the other two paths led to the same place. Satin had a spark of realization, and said that the riddle was simply saying every path leads to the same place. While Hussam and Cecilia were checking out the local mushrooms, the more impatient adventurers (Damien and Silk, who was followed by her twin) decided to get to the bauble they were searching for. Surrounding the bauble were two stone statues with matching stone greatswords.

Damien positioned himself to grab the bauble with his tail, ready to snatch it on Cecilia's command, but his fur accidentally brushed up against a sculpted Force Cage surrounding the trinket. Almost immediately, another force cage surrounded the 3, cutting off the 2 magic users from the rest of the party. A female voice intoned in draconic: "Brave souls, complete the test, and lay your hands down before me. See the true method of defeat for your enemies. May your everlasting peace soon follow", which was quickly translated by Cecilia. Satin had anothe rburst of idea, and said to the waking statues that they would not attack. A tendril of thought caressed Satin's mind, though she had to get Cecilia to translate again. THey soon discovered through Satin and Cecilia's quick thinking that simply not making themselves a threat (Namely putting away their weapons) no longer made them targets. With nary a weapon thrown or used, the statues found the group unarmed and unwilling to battle. They then collapsed into a heap of rubble, whereupon Damien found a new ring. He tried it on, thinking it was a Ring of Blinking, when in reality it turned out to be the Cursed Ring of Blinking Epically. With every other blink, he was forced into a pose of "epicness", and caused him to blink slowly in the process.

The group gathered the bauble, then went to loot the remaining portions of the carvern. in the path they took, they found a chest holding 500 gold. The middle path proved to have been collapsed many years back, and also had a chest, containing 1000 gold and 3 sapphires. THe left path, however, had not only incredibly thriving mushrooms, but also two minotaur zombies. They did not last long, for Damien was in a fit of rage (so to speak) over his cursed ring, and promptly made one explode with the force of his attacks. THe combined might of the rest of the party caused the second one to explode as well, causing a great deal of zombie-goo to cover the catgirl twins. Gold rained down upon the party (300), and two rubies clonked Damien on the head.

They realized they were running low on time, and high-tailed it out of the cavern, still under the effects of Haste cast upon them by Hussam. When they left, the moment dawn's rays fell upon the trees, they moved back into their original places, and proceeded to turn green. Perhaps a signal that the cavern is gone for good.

The old man, absolutely giddy that he got the bauble he has long been haunted by, proceeded to reward the group handsomely, no matter how easily they got the job done.

Quest is for levels 8-10, special permission for Cecilia

Silk: Beastfolk, Monk 4 / Psychic Warrior 6
Satin: Beastfolk, Soulknife 9
Damien: Beastfolk, Rogue 4 / Swashbuckler 4 / Barbarian 1 / Swordsage 1
Hussam: Human, Wizard 3 / Master Specialist 7

Special Spot:
Cecilia: Human, Wizard 7

EXP rewarded:
Level 10s gained 1950
Satin gained 2340
Cecilia gained 3640

Treasure Gained:
Everyone gained 4560 gold (4200 for the job, 360 from the extra gold in the caverns)
Hussam got a ruby (100 gold), and a Boccob’s Blessed Book.
Damien got a ruby (100 gold), and a Sword of Subtlety.
Satin got a sapphire (100 gold), and a Glove of Storing (2).
Silk got a sapphire (100 gold), and a Ring of Evasion.
Cecilia got a saphire (100 gold), and a Cloak of Bat.

Xp and Rep awarded via the new guidelines by teh one, teh only, teh Lisa