OMG Rats

*Quest synopsis*
DM: Zenithsolar
Duration: 5 1/2 hours

Character Level Class EXP Gold
Brezhnev 1 Cleric 650 250gp
Crank 1 Monk 650 250gp
Tara Hal 1 Druid 650 250gp
Cherile 2 Barbarian/Fighter 650 250gp
Kaze 3 Monk 650 250gp
Luna 3 Barbarian 650 250gp

10 x CR 1/3 Dire Rats
3 x CR 1/3 Fiendish Dira Rats

The group responds to the pleas for help from a young couple. Their home is overun by dire rats and they need some high caliber exterminators. The group battles the rats as they pour in and emerge victorious from the flood of rats. Leaving a bloody mess in their wake. They find and rescue the couple's beloved kitten in the process.