One good guildmaster

One good guildmaster

DM Name:

Damien redd, Level 11, Raccoonfolk, Swashbuckler Rogue Barbarian swordsage
Sihak, level 8, wolfen beastfolk, barbarian/runescarred berserker

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
Adult Neogi, CR 3
Abduxiel Coroscant, Human Wizard 5, Cr 5
Umber Hulk, CR 7
Human Barbarian 8, Cr 8

Character Name: Experience
Damien Redd: 1134
Sihak: 2600

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Damien Redd: 5607 gold, Masterwork Sap
Sihak: PARAGON BLESSING(Item), 5607 gold

Quest Summary:
Sihak had been framed for crimes he did not commit. His past reputation had been exposed to avalon and the people no longer trusted him to lead the brandbinders. After months of investigation he finally found a lead to clearing his name, but it was almost too late. Abduxiel Coroscant was a low key slaver for the brandbinders who had secretly been taking residents of the undercity against their will and selling them to the neogi run shackelock guild.

Over time, the Neogi began using him as an agent in working to overthrow Sihak as the guildmaster and have him replaced with someone more willing to turn a blind eye to the underground trading of illegally captured and unregistered slaves and slaves plotting to free themselves from slavery to the underdark markets.

Recently, they got in touch with Azarus Bellspring, a well regarded member of the brandbinders since even before Sihak became leader of the guild. Azarus despised Sihak and although he had not wanted the leadership position originally, was completely opposed to having a beastfolk in charge of the head branch of such a prestigious organization as the brandbinders. Planning to push for him as the replacement leader, they struck a deal with Azarus to assist them in their plot by pulling strings in the noble circles to make things even more difficult for Sihak.

Sihak and his good friend Damien captured Abduxiel and got him to spill what he knew about Azarus in exchange for letting him go free and keeping the Neogi he had been working with's gold. They got to Azarus' home just in time for a polymorphed Double of Sihak to go feral and maim a councilman's wife in the middle of a party hosted by Azarus. He changed back to his natural form after he discovered the real Sihak had arrived, and Sihak and Damien were able to convince the councilmen gathered at the party of his innocence. Azarus fled town before the investigation into his involvement could be completed.

Charles Fredrick LaVerne Blacktree IV in particular, had been on top of the situation with Sihak from day one and had prepared a special Blessing to convince the people of Sihak's good nature by… making him truly good. It was bestowed to him in a grand ceremony that was open to the public and all members of Sihak's tribe were invited.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien