One Last Riddle

Quest title: One Last Riddle
Level Spread: 5-7
Duration: Started at 7Pm Eastern, Ended

Character's involved and XP earned:

Voss/Beguiler 6/Duergar
Rhine Camerlango, Level 7 Human Crusader.
Marco, Level 7, Half-Orc Half-Bear Half-Pig
Nerylos, Level 5 Lizardbastard Ranger
Inara, Level 8 Paladin, Aasimir
Roka, Level 7 Beastfolk (Foxkin) Ranger/Deepwood Sniper

Two Advanced Wyvern: CR 9
Jakjak the Kobold: CR 2 (Non combat)
Blackspear Tribe: CR 8
Gypsy Caravan: CR 9 (Non Combat)

XP Earned:
Nerylos: 3833
Voss: 3375
Marco, Roka: 2691
Inara: 1250
Rhine: 1250

(Inara/Rhine Left due to player dispute. )

Elvin Chain
450 GP worth of Wyvern Leather and meat
950 Gold from the Blackspear Tribe,
Cloak of Charisma +2
Broach of Warding
Ring of Natural Armor +2
Wand of Fireball (3d6) 35 charges

9,500 Gold left overs from the Sphinx's hoard.


On their way back from an adventure, The characters are stopped by the forlorn ghost of a Sphinx. Successfully solving the riddle, they are sent on a quest of revenge from the restless spirit. After an encounter with a mated pair of huge wyverns and a Tribe of Kobolds, they strike up a bargain with them for the corpse of the Sphinx. On the trail of a kobold sorceror named "Oppol", they chase a lead into a Gypsy camp where they learn that Oppol (Calling himself Paulie, and in disguise as a gnome) was staying at a cottage on the opposite side of the lake. They quickly learn that Oppol is a strong sorceror, but manage to defeat him and bring him back to his tribe for punishment. However one amongst the party, Voss, was discovered to be evil by the paladin Inara…which lead to interesting consequences…

DM: For the record, I will not ban anyone from my quests, but I will however point out that DMs here do not and WILL NOT tolerate problem players. Effective immediately, if you do not receive a notice from me foe a quest, You will not go. This is not a show of favoritism, (Spare me the lengthy bullshit posts, I will simply delete or ignore them) but I have had enough of players thinking they are untouchable by example of their alignments. Come back when you can play your characters properly.