One Tin Soldier

One Tin Soldier

DM Name:

Lucius, Level 5, Paladin, Beastfolk Fox
Aliyah Haizea, level 5, air elemental sorcerer, small canine beastfolk
Rodur Ogrecrusher, Level 5, Warblade, Dwarf
Damien Redd, Level 6, Swashbuckling/Rogue, Raccoonfolk
Stanford Mordeval, Level 8, Necromancer-MasterSpecialist, Changeling
Victor Silas, Level 7, Human Offworlder, Warlock

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1 Flamestrike Trap CR 6
1 Spiked Pit Trap CR 6
1 Spiked Blocks from Cieling Trap CR 6
2 Level 6 Wolfen Warriors CR 5
1 Level 6 Wolfen Barbarian CR 6
1 Level 8 Wolfen Barbarian CR 8
1 Level 6 Actaeon Rogue CR 6
1 Level 8 Actaeon Sorcerer CR 8

Lucius: 3875
Aliyah Haizea: 3875
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 3875
Damien Redd: 3100
Stanford Mordeval: 2067
Victor Silas: 2567

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Lucius: 7275 gold, Healing belt
Aliyah Haizea: 4525 gold, +1 amulet of natural armour, boots of swift passage
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 25 gold, Adamantine Rigid Breastplate
Damien Redd: 808.5 gold, +1 Kukri, +1 Ring of Protection, Scroll of Raise Dead, Gloves of Dexterity +2
Stanford Mordeval: 6025 gold, cloak of charisma +2
Victor Silas: 4387.5 gold, +1 mithril chainshirt, masterwork dastana, belt of giant strength +2, +1 vest of resistance

Loot: 8025 gold each minus the listed value of any items claimed below.
3 sets of Steelwood splint mail 500 each
Greataxe 10
Masterwork Greataxe 160
Dastana 12.5
masterwork kukri 154
2 Scythes 9gp each
Masterwork Chainshirt 125
Mithril Buckler 507.5
Masterwork Dastana 87.5
Chronocharm of the uncaring Archmage 250
Darkwood Light Crossbow 187.5

Quest Summary:
The party heard a bard's tale of two villages destroying each other over a treasure on the mountain. They learned it was based on two real villages in northermost one a wolfen village and another an actaeon village. They had formed an alliance to fight off the goblins and orcs long ago, but recently these two villagers had begun to feud over a treasure in a mountain temple.

The party wandered far north of avalon and arrived in the wolfen village where they learned the feud was being perpetrated by the younger tribesmen and the elders were at a loss about what to do. Lucius suggested they investigate the temple for the villagers and remove the problem and they were sent to seek the actaeon elder's consent.

After Lucius was made leader of the expedition they set off into the temple and face many traps, one of which almost killed Aliyah. Eventually they found their way to the end, but some of the younger wolfen had noticed them enter the temple and took it upon themselves to stop the "thieves". The fight was brutal, for the wolfen's ferocity and pack tactics made them formidable foes but the day was won. An actaeon sorceress and her rogue flunky had snuck into the temple during the commotion and tried to sway the battle in the wolfens favour in hopes of mopping up the leftovers at the end but the wolfen fell too quickly and they surrendered shortly after their invisibility was defeated.

In the final chamber of the temple lied a great monument to wolfen and acteon working together with a plaque in both tribe's languages reading, "This plaque is dedicated to the formation of the actaeon Wolfen alliance of northermost. May you treasure this new era of peace, for it is worth more than any other treasure." The tribes both realized how foolish they had been and insisted they make up for the actions of their young and brought the party to the villages once more where their wounds were treated and they were showered in valuable gifts including several minor magical items. Lord Stanford showed a great interest in having the actaeon sorceress put into servitude to himself but let her be after Lucius protested the idea. Settling for her name and a cheap hairbrush she'd favoured.

EXp awarded by Jennibear