Ooze Well That Ends Well

Ooze Well that Ends Well

DM Name: Karrius


Lucius, Beastfolk Paladin 6
Aliyah Haizea Beastfolk Sorceress 6
Hussam Arbouqa Human, Wizard/Master Specialist 8
Aerybeth, Elf Paladin 8
Fei Yen Wong, Human Warblade 8


3x Sewer Ooze, CR 5

1x Blood Ooze, CR 7

11x Skum, CR 2
1x Aboleth, CR 7


Lucius: 2790 XP
Aliyah: 2790 XP
Hussam: 1780 XP
Aerybeth: 1780 XP
Fei Yen: 1780 XP


Treasure: 5000 gp each

Quest Summary:

The group was contacted by the city guards, and shown an alarming site in the Undercity; one of the metal doors locking off the sewers had been burned into, as if by acid. In addition, a patrol of guardsmen had gone missing the day before. The group's job was simple; go in, and kill whatever it is did this. Entering the sewers, they soon found a terrified goblin clinging to the ceiling, only to be attacked by a variety of acidic oozes underneath him. With the oozes dispatched, the goblin was freed, and claimed he saw the guards be taken further into the sewers by "scaley men". Running after them, the party heard the monsters up ahead, but were ambushed by a blood ooze, which feasted on the vital fluids of the group, and gave the creatures ample warning. Barging into the last room, the group was confronted by scores of Scum… only to find an Aboleth lurking in the water, hidden, who took control of Aliyah's mind. With Lucius distracting Aliyah, and the rest of the group quickly slaying the aboleth, the sorceress was freed. Further examination then found the gear of the guards dropped in a corner, and it was cleared they had been turned into skum.

EXP awared by Jennibear