The Operators (or Ops) of Therafim are the ones who call the shots and make decisions that influence everything that takes place in the Therafim channels and website. They are authorized to kick someone from the channel without notifying other Ops, to put a 24-hour ban on someone after notifying a second Op, and to permanently ban someone with the approval of at least three Ops, including the Lead Op.

All Ops are allowed to update roleplaying experience at any time (contact another Op to learn how) - no non-Ops are allowed to do this. They are also allowed to put spent roleplaying tallies into effect on any given character, at the request of the players of said characters, as explained on the Roleplaying Experience Formula and Experience and REP Tallies pages.

In times of need, all non-Lead Ops are allowed to award REP to those that do acts worthy of such awards, and to help players spend REP on their characters. However, if a non-Lead Op does so, they must contact the Lead Op with a notification of the award or expenditure.

Besides these powers, Ops are allowed to perform all the duties of Storytellers without restriction.

Additional Ops may be set to this position as the need arises, provided that all present Ops approve the placement of a new Op. For the most part, there will be as little turnover of Ops as possible, and as few Ops as possible. Ops may voluntarily take on a lesser degree of authority as they wish, stepping down from their positions, or they may have that authority removed from them (though only in extreme cases) through a vote of all the other Ops.

It should be noted that Ops are also required to obey the rules of the game and of the channel. While they have significantly greater powers than most others, they also have significant responsibilities to which they must live up. Abuse of power will not be tolerated.