Oracle Well

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Naeyla, level 2 human swashbuckler
Karyn, level 2 human wizard/cleric
Red Bear, level 2 ord druid
Stray, level 1 human cleric

1 quasit (CR 2)

150 xp for each.

225 gp for each.

Quest Summary:
The party was called upon by a village to help them solve the mystery of the Oracle Well. It was a normal well, now gone dry, but when they began to drill deeper, a voice came from the depths, tempting them with answers to all their questions…for a price. Eventually, the price became too much, and the villagers sent for help, calling in the party. The party discovered that the Oracle in the well was actually a quasit, and soundly defeated it in battle.