Kirsing Orc Raiders!

DM name: pyrostinger

Az Ur, level 4 changling druid
Dusky, level 2 catfolk scout/ranger
Jackson, level 1 human ranger
Miro Everglade, level 1 assimar bard

3 Orc Warriors (CR 1/2 each, CR 2 total)
4 Orc Warriors (CR 1/2 each, CR 3 total)

Dusky, Jackson, and Miro: 375 exp
Az Ur: 350 exp


  • 446 gp in assorted coins and semi-precious gems to each

Quest Summary:
It seems as if the orcish raiders had struck again. The party was called upon at the tail end of one such raid, where the orcs were in retreat and they were tasked with finishing the job, so that particular raiding party would be no more. After navigating the mountain paths to find the encampment, the party attacked an unfortunately aware group of orcs, one of whom ran off to gather reinforcements! Despite such, the party was able to stuff that orc menace once and for all, bringing a measure of peace to Avalon City around the Kirsing mountains.

XP and Rep Awarded by Lisa