Orchard Spiders

Orchard Spiders
DM Name: Jennibear

Rodur Ogrecrusher, Warblade, Level 1, 15 HP, 15 AC
Zylos, Level 1 Fighter, 13 HP, 17 AC.
Sanori, Human, Wizard, Level 1, 8 HP, 14 AC (unbuffed)
El Presidente Xavier Salazar De La Rosa, Rogue, Level 1, 7 HP, 17 AC

Encounter 1: Cr2
Spider Swarm
Spider, monstrous medium

Encounter 2: cr4ish
Spider Monstrous Medium x2
Spider Monstrous large
And breif encounter with Leopald the Mad Vermin Mage

600 each

600 each

Quest Summary:
Having been entreated to help solve a problem with Vermin in the tine forest side town of Pine dale, located at the edge of the Pixis forest, the group met John Aglaie and were given information on a rapidly evolving problem, heroically headed into the orchard covered in spiderwebs. Along the path marked with teh blood of the one member of a peasant adventuring party that went in to explore they were ambushed by a swarm and a large spider. Handling these challenges they moved on, briefly meeting and irritating a foul looking human mage, elderly pot bellied and filthy with thinning greasy hair that had been crooning affectionately to the spiders. After minorly damaging a party member he took the spider eggs and teleported away. The team fought bravely, Zylos sustaining many poisonous bites in the process of bringing down the beasts, who Xavier and Sanori riddled with arrows while Rodur backed up the fighter with his Axe. Returning to John with one of the peasant adventurers, barely clinging to life despite the odds, the team was paid with money collected from the town, thanked profusely and offered a night at the inn and a ride home.

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