These are the various organizations that can be found on Therafim that cross borders of country and continent.

Organization Template

The template for all NPC organizations, to which PCs might also belong.

Adventuring Company Template

The template for any organization by and for Player Characters.

Assaram School of Assassins
Avalonian Association of Vermincatchers
Commerce Guild
The Coven
Druid Council (also a location on Matrakal)
Goodtravel Guild
The Raelian Movement
Shacklelock Guild
Storyteller s Guild
The Syndicate
The Tenebrous Cabal
Nobles of Avalon City
The Chronicle
The Post

Council of Archmagi
The Noble Arc Family

Avalon Guard
Avalon Watch

Honor Among Thieves

The Mysterie of Darke Cultes

Martial Art Styles

Noble Titles of Therafim