Original Klanth

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Silarus, level 5 half-elf sorcerer/cleric
Faithen, level 3 offworlder human fighter
Kevarl, level 5 draconic izakar sorcerer
Cecilia, level 4 human wizard
Myr, level 4 changeling abyssal battle sorceress
Rosalyn, ECL 6 half-fey human cleric
Sira Hasenfluss, level 6 human cleric/malconvoker

3 thri-keen and 2 giant praying mantises (CR 1 each, CR 3 each, and CR 6 total)

Faithen: 386 xp
Cecilia and Myr: 343 xp for each
Silarus and Kevarl: 322 xp for each
Rosalyn and Sira: 258 xp for each

430 gp for each
Black diamond shards - these can be used to enhance a magical device by up to a 2,000 gp value of power; Shalecast is willing to do the labor on such devices for free.

Quest Summary:
The party were hired by one Garstal Shalecast, a dwarven inventor who had made a time machine. It wasn't a very good one, though - it could only send people from the present back in time, as well as bring them back, and only to places and times that wouldn't disrupt the timeline of history. This made it rather limited in use, unfortunately. However, he had found that he could acquire a legendary artifact, from the time when dwarves and elves were still just developing as races: the Original Klanth, an aged flint axe - the first axe, ever, in fact. Being something new in a time when new things were charged with power, the klanth was a valuable artifact indeed. The party was sent to get it away from the savage insectfolk who had captured it, and were going to shatter it as a show of defiance against the rising dwarven and elven races. The party landed in a place with black diamonds studding the walls, and were soon drawn by strange blue fires up a long, acid-etched walkway, leading to a plateau above them in the mist-shrouded land. There they saw as mantisfolk and their beasts slew a small alliance of elves and dwarves, and then leapt forward, slaying the mantisfolk with swift strikes, and claiming the Original Klanth before it was shattered by the bugfolk A few hours later, they found themselves drawn, once more, back to their original time. The time machine, sadly, burned out in the process - it would take months, or perhaps even years before it would be ready for another such jaunt. But the Original Klanth had survived! And now it would be taken to the Granite Mountains, there to be kept as a priceless token of dwarven ingenuity. If the elves didn't decide they wanted it, that is - who made the klanth, after all, is still in dispute.

XP awarded by Lisa