Otiax, The Key to the Gate

The alien Otiax gives its summoners the power to open what is closed, to walk among the clouds, and to strike foes with fog that lands like a hammer.

Legend: Otiax is a bit of a conundrum because it seems to have originated outside the known cosmology of the planes. A few sources of pact magic lore refer to some plane or place called the Far Realm, but most offer no explanation of Otiax’s past. Some even posit that Otiax is somehow the key to reaching the Far Realm, but that supposition has more to do with Otiax’s appearance than with any real evidence of its nature. Because Otiax never speaks, it can shed no light on the issue. Binding with it is more a matter of instinct and will than of deliberation.

Manifestation: When Otiax manifests, a locked golden gate appears within its seal. Blue fog curls out in wispy tendrils from between the bars, obscuring what lies beyond. After a moment of silence, some unseen force crashes against the barrier. Then the gate shakes and rattles loudly, as though some creature is desperate to open it. Ragged breathing becomes audible, and the fog swirls around some indistinct yet terrible form. At last the raging stops, and the azure vapor passes through the gate. The sound of the tumblers turning in the lock becomes audible, then the gate creaks open. Sign: While bound to Otiax, you are surrounded by thin wisps of light blue fog even in the strongest wind.

Influence: Otiax’s motives remain a mystery, but its infl uence is clear. When confronted with unopened doors or gates, you become agitated and nervous. This emotional state lasts until the door or gate is opened, or until you can no longer see it. Furthermore, Otiax cannot abide a lock remaining secured. Thus, whenever you see a key, Otiax requires that you use it to open the corresponding lock.

Granted Abilities: Otiax opens doors for you, lets you batter opponents with wind, and cloaks you in a protective fog that can actually lash out at foes.

Air Blast: You can focus the air around you into a concentrated blast that batters opponents. You can use your air blast as a melee touch attack against an adjacent opponent or one that is up to 10 feet away (as though you were using a reach weapon). This attack deals 2d6 points of bludgeoning damage, but you do not add your Strength bonus to the damage roll. If your base attack bonus is high enough, you might be entitled to additional air blast attacks each round when you make a full attack. You can also make attacks of opportunity with your air blast. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Otiax’s sign.

Combat Reflexes: You gain the benefit of the Combat Reflexes feat. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Otiax’s sign.

Concealing Mist: You can whip the mist that constantly surrounds you into a concealing screen that grants you concealment (foes’ melee and ranged attacks have a 20% miss chance). You cannot use this concealment to hide. You can suppress or activate this ability as a full-round action. A severe wind (either natural or magical, such as a gust of wind spell) suppresses your concealing mist. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Otiax’s sign.

Open Portal: At will as a swift action, you can open (but not close) a door, chest, box, window, bag, pouch, bottle, barrel, or other container as though using the open/close spell. This ability has a range of 10 feet per effective binder level you

Unlock: As a full-round action, you can unlock a single lock that you can touch, provided that its Open Lock DC is less than or equal to twice your effective binder level. For example, a 10th-level binder can use this ability to open any lock with a DC of 20 or lower, and a 15th-level binder could open a lock with a DC of 30 or lower. This ability grants you no protection from any traps that might be associated with the lock. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds