Out Of The Sun

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Tirzah, level 1 human bard
Silk, level 4 catfolk monk
Evelyn, level 1 human hexblade
Voss, level 3 duergar beguiler

2 giant eagles (CR 3 each, CR 5 total)

For Silk: 400 xp
Tirzah, Evelyn, and Voss: 450 xp for each

600 gp for each
1 red blood gem diamond for each party member, worth 1,000 gp.

Quest Summary:
The party came across a lost rabbitgirl crying on the curbside in Avalon City. She'd been robbed, and only barely escaped being hurt by muggers while she'd been trying to get some adventurers to help save her village from a pair of giant eagles. The eagles had been tained by blood gems, which cause eventual madness if you handle them too much, and the eagles had used them in their nests, becoming addicted to them, and then turning into killing monsters. The party went with the bunnygirl, Matilda, and faced off against the eagles in town, before finally laying them low, and then looting their nest for the gold laced into its edges and the blood gems at the center.