Out Of Time: Part 1

Quest Name: Out Of Time, Session 1: Future Shock.
Level spread: 7-10
Duration: Two days. (16+ Hours)

Kael: Level 7 Cleric
Aeron: Level 7 Warblade
Roka: Level 10 (Ranger 5, Deepwood Sniper 5)
Nerylos: Level 8 (4 Ranger, 3 duskblade, 1 Rogue)
Lord Stanford: Level 7 Wizard
Alieena Darkcast: Level 8 Wizard
Seren: Level 10 (9 Sorceror, 1 Initiate of the 7 Fold Veil)

Current Encounters:

Entombed X3 (CR11, Alieena and Seren do not get XP for this Encounter)
Huge Cloaker, (CR10)

Treasure: None.
Key Item: Void Container. *Condition: MUST NOT BE LOST, BROKEN, OR STOLEN!!!*

XP Earned:

Aeron: 4,500
Alieena: 1,875
Kael: 4,500
Nerylos: 3,287
Roka: 1,675
Seren: 1,675
Stanford: 4,500

Awakening in a time 500 years into Therafim's future, they learn that they were indirectly responsible for putting the world into a nuclear winter. Arriving in New Avalon, the remains of Therafim's population has come together to live in this undersea city and the Arc, Seren's old home, is at the center. Running into old familiar faces who have survived the cataclysm, they learn that only way to make this right is to find 5 points on the world, and remove the void energies that have gathered.
Encountering an entity studying the anomalies, the party almost killed the creature but learned it was not evil thanks to Seren's ability to detect it.
With one cascade averted and 4 to go, our heroes have been captured by the new inhabitants of Fangsnap: The Urskan…now, what will they do? We'll find out, next session.

Quest exp awarded by Jennibears