Out of Time: Part 2

Quest Title: Out of Time. Session 2: Natural Selection
Level Spread: 7-10
Type: Infiltration, RP, Combat

Encounters: Six Durro (Fighters and a cleric)

Rewards as Characters Listed:

Kael: Level 8 Cleric, 3,050 XP
Seren: Level 10 Sorcerer, 2,250
Roka: Level 10 Ranger/Deepwood Sniper, 2,250
Nerylos: Level 8 Ranger/Duskblade/Rogue, 3,050

+1 Dire Flail
+1 Longsword
Treasure worth 2,500 Gold for each

Captured by a peaceful race known as the Urskin, bearfolk. The party is released and asked for help in dealing with their neighboring foe, a small battalion of Frostborn Winterspawn and their leader Jonas Rimeheart. After infiltrating the fortress on Cobo island, they attack the Durro who had a Rusalka (A water fey) prisoner. Rescuing her and finally getting back, they were given a moral conundrum by Yuria, the "Mistress of Thought." Choosing wisely, the party now face more challenges ahead.