Panoceana The Great Waters

As close as the continents of Therafim are to each other, having not spread far after the initial impact of Bahamut and Tiamat on the planet in the ancient past, the natives of Therafim have not seen fit to identify more than a single ocean, Panoceana, or the Great Waters, that covers the whole of the sea-filled parts of the planet. Individual sections of Panoceana have been named, of course, usually called "seas," but "sea" and "ocean" are often interchangeable in the parlance of most people on Therafim.

Cargando Confederation: The Cargando Confederation is a loose alliance of island nations that lie all around the continent of Cargando, which acts as the central stopping point for travelers between Hydra, Crescent, the Ilse of the Mighty, and the Shatterlands. The islands around Cargando are a major site for vacationers looking for a relatively safe place to rest in tropical weather. The region is occasionally blasted by powerful storms, but these are fairly consistent in their occurrence, being more common at some times of the year than others, and so the inhabitants know how to prepare for them and avoid the worst of what these storms bring. Native groups of humans are common here, most of them having ancestors who came originally from Crescent or Hydra, though they have since mingled with a wide variety of other people traveling between the islands. The other peoples to be found in these islands are aquatic beastfolk, and a number of savage halfling tribes who escaped there after the downfall of their homeland many centuries past. Visitors take note: the halflings are often cannibals, and live largely alone on the islands they claim for themselves, defending their homes with traps and deadly poison darts. They trade only with a select few trusted individuals (many of them pirates), and do not welcome visitors, though they will usually leave such unfortunate souls alone, provided that they stay on the beach. Step into the jungle of these islands, however, and all bets are off.

Cobala Archipelago: Right in between the conflict-riven Shatterrealm, the rival city-states of the Freeholds, and the bustling realm of Bazram, in the warm, tropical waters unclaimed by any of these lands, is the surprisingly peaceful Cobala Archipelago. The archipelago is composed of a slightly larger island bounded all around by a rough circle of several smaller islands and shallow reefs. The Cobala Islands are the homeland of the lutrin people on Therafim. Surf riders also live here, the dolphinlike race living alongside the otterlike race in peace, though the lutrin usually keep closer to shore, while the surf riders often travel far afield, roaming in wide nomadic arcs. The central volcanic island of Cobala, from which the Cobala Archipelago takes its name, is the home of Sunscale (a name chosen for her by the lutrin), an ancient bronze dragon. She discovered the lutrin on an exploratory flight while searching for a new hiding place for her treasure, and was instantly enchanted. Presently Sunscale acts as the guardian for the lutrin of the Cobala Archipelago, keeping them safe from pirates and slavers whenever she is in the area and awake. Since pirates often occupy some of the islands during those times when she is not active or is absent guarding some of her other treasure troves, Sunscale makes occasional cleanup visits to clear away any unwanted visitors to the Cobala Islands.

Dwellfast: The center of the merfolk civilization is a mighty undersea kingdom ruled by the great King Depera. This vast kingdom is housed on the remnants of the Sunken Continent, found in the gap between Summer Country and Autumn Land, and is considered the seat of government for the locath and tritons as well. Dwellfast is closely allied with the elves of both the Summer Country and the Autumn Lands, and so there is a large aquatic elf subgroup in this region. Dwellfast is a large area, but the population is not as all-pervasive as might be found in a surface world kingdom. Rather, the inhabitants of Dwellfast are largely nomadic, much like the elves and halflings of the surface, with only a few central locations that act as cultural centers, places of diplomacy, and halls of judgment. Shining Hall is the crystalline city where King Depera lives with the royal family and the bulk of the merfolk military force, to defend the region from outside invasion by the many dangerous forces that lurk beneath the waves, especially the machinations of the evil beings living in the Blood Reef and Endless Rift.

Blood Reef/Endless Rift: Skirting the coastline of both Heaven’s Tear and the Shatterrealm, lying only a matter of miles beyond the shore, is the massive and treacherous Blood Reef. This undersea community is teeming with hosts of life. However, among these hosts are the uncounted hordes of evil underwater races, along with their many strange and intricate buildings. Blood Reef lies next to a massive faultline, called the Endless Rift, that runs deep into the crust of Therafim, making it at once one of the highest non-land points in the ocean (the reef itself), and also the lowest point on the planet, as well as a site of several truly ancient fallen ruins that long ago sunk into the sea. In these lightless depths lurk the true rulers of Blood Reef: a council of eight krakens of truly prodigious size and of an age that staggers the mind to even consider. These eight are almost immortal, and are worshiped as gods by most of the sentient inhabitants of the reef – a state which they are likely to attain in the near future, if things continue at their present rate. The oldest and most powerful of these krakens was the creature possessed by Noden, one of the four Fallen Ones that attempted to conquer the world in the recent past, but it spends its time fleeing the great Leviathans, guardians of the Great Waters, and so is unable to take part in the kraken council. An especially massive Leviathan still lives near Blood Reef, feeding off of the abundant giant squid population of the Endless Rift while it waits in ambush should Noden ever return, as well as any opportunity to devour the other seven krakens of the council that might present itself. Its presence and the loss of the eighth member of their council are generally considered to be the only things that are keeping the seven remaining krakens from achieving godhood. The remaining seven have made it known across the undersea world that they are willing to grant that vacant slot in their council to any kraken that can slay the dread Leviathan, if they don’t manage it themselves.


Carcosa: Floating atop the ocean to the east of Autumn Country and Heaven's Tear, and to the west of Crescent is the primary reason why few ships travel in that direction: the Carcosa region. Carcosa is a vast sargasso sea, with a huge floating collection of seaweed, small chunks of floating earth, and countless tons of sea trash that has washed up into the mess. The currents of Panoceana eventually draw all floating debris into the mass of Carcosa if no active effort is made to keep that debris from falling under the sway of the endless currents, though sometimes the process can take years, as an object lost at sea is drawn across the face of the watery depths to its final resting place in the embrace of the sargasso. It is known to be a dangerous place, populated by deadly scrags and merrow, and also inhabited by morkoths and weresharks, besides the many beasts and animals of the deep, who all lurk in wait for the unwary, ready to tear through the seaweed to make a kill. One of the places of note in this dangerous region is the Graveyard of Ships, a makeshift city where shipwrecked sailors have actually managed to make a series of shelters and shantytowns. This place is dangerous, however, not just because of the many predators of Carcosa waiting to pull anyone on top of Carcosa's surface into the depths for a bloody feast, but also because of the inhabitants of the Graveyard themselves, who generally turn to raiding other groups on the surface of Carcosa while trying to avoid the inhabitants of the places below the Sargasso and the certain death of drowning. Ship building material is a premium good here, in this land of the lost, and the groups trapped here will do almost anything to get enough of it to build or repair a vessel sturdy enough to carry them away from Carcosa’s dreaded grip.

Abyssal Labyrinth: The Abyssal Labyrinth is a place considered mythical by many surface worlders. It is a vast undersea dungeon, perhaps the largest in the world, hollowed out from the Underdark that once stretched for miles beneath the Sunken Continent in the ancient past of the world by the evil linnorms before they were transformed into their current hideous shapes, and then forgotten. It is rumored that one of these foul dragonkin may still be living in these dark recesses, though there have been few enough to find the place to be able to confirm the Labyrinth's existence, let alone the existence of such a creature. The purpose of the Abyssal Labyrinth was to house the many treasures of the ancient dragons in the first few ages of Therafim, treasures that have all since been long forgotten. The undersea dungeon itself is quite dry, once it is entered, and has several entry points both above and below the waves, most of them found in volcanoes (above and under the water), some of them still quite active, though with carefully constructed tunnels that keep any lava from actually seeping into the Labyrinth itself. Besides the constructs, outsiders, and undead that have been guarding this place since time immemorial, there have also been a number of interlopers that managed to slip into the Abyssal Labyrinth, but couldn’t escape afterwards, and who now take up the role of unwilling guardians of the place, hunting any would-be adventurers that might explore the place as a potential food source. The Abyssal Labyrinth is the ultimate goal of many adventurers, and it is said that it would be impossible to explore all its many nooks and crannies in a single elven lifetime, let alone that of a human. Worse yet, if there is indeed a linnorn in the depths of the Abyssal Labyrinth, it is believed that this linnorn is probably still carving out additional pathways in the Labyrinth, so that as long as it lives, it will be literally impossible to map the entire Abyssal Labyrinth. Note to those running quests in the Abyssal Labyrinth: If you have access to The World's Largest Dungeon, The Ruins of Undermountain, or similar resources, please feel free to make use of them.