Pay My Troll

Quest Title: Pay My Troll

DM Name: Tbg

Abby, 3, Psion, Halfling
Gauron Level 3 Wolfen Fighter
Galen, Level 4 Human Monk
Echo, Level 4, Human, fighter2/warblade2
Naeyla Level 1 Human Swashbuckler
Karyn, Level 1 Human Cleric

2 Troll w/ supercharged healing (CR 6)

Abby - 900
Gauron - 900
Galen - 800
Echo - 800
Naeyla - 900
Karyn - 900

Treasure (5400 divided 6 ways):
900gps each

Quest Summary:
The PCs came upon a scene and asked to intervene. Something was under the bridge near the slums, snatching folks off. Proceeding cautiously below, the heroes encountered not 1, but 2 very large and hungry troll. What was worse, the trolls were healing/regenerating significantly faster than the PC sage knew they should be. It was a hard fight, and a damn close one, but eventually, the PCs prevailed by destroying some kind of item buried beneath the trolls’ skins.

They also found something odd. Apparently, in addition to enhancing the trolls, someone had brought those trolls down here and had chained them to the underside of the bridge. As to who or why, those questions remained unanswered for now.